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The Russian state-funded TV channel RT has show registered with the Ministry of justice as a foreign agent, after the pressure of the US government released the documents Monday.

The Ministry of justice announced the demand of the registry only a few hours after the RT editor-in-chief said the company had compliance with the U.S., under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. The move does not restrict the content of the programme, but the network is necessary to the public details about its financing and operation, as well as mark, spread certain content in the US with labels.

Many news agencies with ties to foreign governments are required to register in a similar way, but the pressure on the RT has angered Russian officials have said they will strike back with unspecified restrictions on U.S. news media.

On Monday, the RT editor Margarita Simonyan, said on the channel of the Russian-language website, the “between a criminal case and the registry, we have chosen the latter,” adding a sarcastic note that “we congratulate the American freedom of speech and those who still believe in him.”

Simonyan said that the meet attention to, the U.S. Department of justice might have the request for registration until Monday, led to the arrest of RT-American Director and the freezing of their accounts.

In a statement, Acting Assistant Attorney General Dana Boente said that the Ministry of justice sets the Foreign Agents Registration Act, or FARA, “regardless of nationality.”

“Americans have a right to know who is in the United States is the influence of the U.S. government or the public on behalf of foreign clients,” he said in the statement.

Passed in 1938, the law applies to persons or companies, dissemination of information in the United States on behalf of foreign governments, political parties and other “foreign entities.” The law is most frequently applied to foreign lobbying, but the Ministry of justice, the required registration has been promoted by the media, by foreign governments. For example, the English-language newspaper China Daily, is listed, due to its affiliation with the Chinese government.

The submission for the RT came by his US production company, T & R Productions LLC. According to the filing, the Washington-based production company, registering as a foreign agent ANO TV-Novosti, the Russian government-the entity with which the broadcasting of RT in the world.

In the lawsuit, the production company announced that it was $350,000 paid within the last 60 days by ANO TV-Novosti that he is funded by the Russian government “to a considerable extent.” It published a number of license agreements with the Russian unit for shows such as “news with Ed Schultz,” “Redacted Tonight” and “Larry King Now”.

T & R Productions owner, Mikhail V. Solodovnikov, registered in person as a foreign agent, but he said he “respectfully does not agree that FARA should apply.”

Solodovnikov, the reported a $670,000 annual salary, said the channel has the purpose to produce news, talk shows and entertainment programs, which are designed “not only to inform, not influence.” The programs are not “primarily for the benefit of a foreign government or a political party,” he added.

The US intelligence services have allegedly served RT as a propaganda outlet for the Kremlin as part of its multi-faceted efforts to influence the US presidential election in 2016. Russia denies interference.

In response to the Ministry of justice pressure on RT, and Russian lawmakers drafting of retaliation. The Ministry of justice said Monday it is reviewing the filing for “adequacy.”


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