Russian stocks, ruble taking a hit to the uncertainty over US sanctions

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Trump hit Russia with new sanctions against chemical attack

The State Department says it will poison the new sanctions against Russia, to impose with a nerve agent, a former spy and his daughter in the UK.

Newly announced U.S. sanctions and the potential for a second round of actions in 90 days—roiled Russia’s currency and blue chip stocks as the country braced for more economic pain, in the midst of uncertainty about the Trump administration’s commitment to enforcement.

In Moscow, the ruble more than 5% of the shed against the dollar on Thursday and stock markets plunged as much as 9%, led by state-owned banks and state-owned airline company PJSC Aeroflot-Russian airlines , which escalate the risk of losing access to U.S. markets, if the sanctions. In Washington, the administrative action remained mainly on the silence and offered some details on the severity of the potential penalties.

The sanctions come from the March nerve-agent attack against a former Russian spy in Britain, the USA and The UK Russia held responsible for the attack. Moscow has repeatedly denied involvement.

The sanctions, which are mandated by U.S. law, this action requires, on the use of chemical and biological weapons, but President Trump has considerable discretion over the level of the penalty.

A spokesman for President Vladimir Putin of Russia struck a cautious tone and said that Moscow remained committed to building “constructive relations with the United States” and not the design of counter-measures before learning the details.

In other words, in the country of alarm and dismay over the US move, and threatened to abandon hopes for improved bilateral relations.

Lawmakers from Russia’s ruling party has accused U.S. politicians of the country as a punching bag in their party treat struggles for political power, and in the midterm-election campaign. On state television, analysts and commentators, Trump laments slide ‘ s inability, due to a hostile Congress, a reset in relations with Russia after a summit with Putin in Helsinki in July.

The head of the foreign relations committee of the Russian Senate, Konstantin Kosachev, against the new sanctions a “lynching.”

“The United States are, once again, you, as a police state, proposed evidence of suspects by threats and torture,” he told Interfax.

The Kremlin, meanwhile, his earlier rejection of repeats of any involvement in the attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Julia, in the South of England this year, while down the importance of the sanctions.

Like a fleeting day unfolded in Moscow, the reaction from Washington was muted. Trump has known no public comments on the matter, and communications assistant, said all questions to the State Department, the US sought improved relations with Moscow.

Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the administration had “the observance of the laws,” and would continue to do so, but added: “We want a better relationship with the Russian government, the recognition that we have a lot of areas of mutual interest.”

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