“Russian service of trying to the European countries compete against each other to put

The Russian military intelligence service GRU was sitting in front of a number of incidents that are part of a campaign to make the links between the European countries, in a sharp turn, reported The New York Times on Tuesday, on the basis of a report from the four Western European intelligence agencies.

In april of last year, a cyber attack by the Russian intelligence service to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague, have been thwarted by the Dutch Military Intelligence and Security service (MIVD and the AIVD. They were supported by British counterparts.

As a part of the GRU Team, 29155, would be in addition to the elections in the republic of Moldova have significantly affected, and a failed coup d’etat in Montenegro was organised. In addition, they will be held responsible for the poisoning of a Bulgarian arms dealer and try to get the Russian counter-Sergei Skripal, in the uk.

The latter event could have been the cause for intelligence agencies to be “suspicious” incidents in the last couple of years, once again under the microscope. A year earlier, which would have two members of the Team, 29155, Mishkin, A., and Sergei P., traveled to the United Kingdom to the attack, and to practice it.

What is the Team 29155?

  • A secret part of the Russian intelligence services
  • It would specialize in the creation of the disturbance, killing of individuals, and diary of events
  • The Russian team would have been decade in Europe, but it was not until recently’ discovered
  • It would primarily be in the form of the praised war veterans

The presumption is that the team will be managed by vladimir Putin

The team would be in the year 2015 in Bulgaria at the time, the dealer Emilian Gebrev was in the area. It is not clear why the Gebrev, a goal of the Team 29155.

For poisons and other incidents, it was Russia by the West European, security authorities to be responsible, but at the time there was no connection between the events are laid out.

Now, there is a presumption that the team will be guided by the wishes of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, to the West of Europe, to be clear, by using propaganda, cyber attacks and the spread of nepnieuws.

“There’s no way to find out is when and where the Team is 29155, you’ll save”, they will tell the sources to The New York Times.

It is notable that the vast majority of the 29155-actions that did not succeed. The european veiligheidsofficials be surprised, however, to emphasize that it is the Russian team with the intent of careless work could go on. “It would be the Russians, it also has to be able to go to only the signals of their power to give.”

Team 29155 hackte are also accounts of the Clinton campaign

Also, in the USA, the team have been affected, according to the newspaper, would be for the Russian team in the presidential election in 2016, and the accounts of the Hillary Clinton campaign have been infiltrated and sensitive information has been published.

Intelligence officer Alex Younger, the secret service, MI6 said in February of this year, a “Russian threat”. He is in the middle of which is a Russian organization is suspected.


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