Russian parliament approves controversial constitutional amendment

The Russian parliament on Friday finally approved a grondwetswijzing’s president, Vladimir Putin, to establish themselves in a bid for the 2024 games, again as a candidate. With the current constitution this is not allowed.

383 of 450 members in the lower house of the Russian parliament has voted in favour of the amendment, in the third round. 43 members did not vote, and 24 of them were not present for the vote. No one voted against an amendment to the constitution. The house of lords, the decision of the house of commons was to evaluate the approved.

Putin proposed the amendment to the constitution in January. You probably want to have a position as the most powerful man in Russia to be renewed. The changes to the powers of the Russian presidency were transferred to parliament and the prime minister’s office.

Putin, after his fourth presidentstermijn in a bid for the 2024 games schedule. According to the Russian law, he may, after two consecutive terms, not to participate in the presidential elections, but the amendment to the constitution, he can go to the prime minister will be elected. In theory, it would be Putin, to 2036, to stay in power.

The changes have been officially, though, still has to be approved by the constitutional court of the Russian federation. In addition, it tunes the following month, the Russian people are still discussing the amendment to the constitution.

Critics have accused Putin, again, the premier will be in order to have the power to keep going. Between the second and the third term as president, he was also prime minister. In this way, he will be eligible for the office of president.

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