Russian lawyer who Trump Jr. met wants Senate to speak

Russian lawyer who Trump Jr. met wants Senate to speak

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The Russian lawyer who last year a meeting with the oldest son of Donald Trump, is prepared to testify to the U.s. congress. Natalia Veselnitskaya, said this in an interview with television channel RT.

“I’m ready to the situation around this mass hysteria to clear up,” said Veselnitskaya. “But only through lawyers or by witnesses in the senate.”

Donald Trump Jr. recently gave e-mails free which proved that he was in June 2016, wanted to speak with the lawyer who may have information that was harmful to Hillary Clinton, the former Democratic opponent of his father. He had been told that Veselnitskaja the Russian government represented.

The issue is sensitive because of the alleged Russian interference in the American presidential election. Veselnitskaya emphasized earlier no ties with the Kremlin. Also, she would never damaging information about Clinton in her possession.

The Kremlin denies also relationships with Veselnitskaya.


Trump Jr. and Veselnitskaya met each other shortly after Trump was nominated as the Republican presidential candidate. According to the Russian lawyer, the conversation turned to, inter alia, the ban on adopting Russian children by Americans and a company that no taxes would have paid in the US and Russia.

According to the White House there was “nothing inappropriate” to the meeting. A spokesperson says that the routine is that during political campaigns people call the offer information to presidential candidates.

The Senate committee, that the possible Russian interference in the presidential election examines, the son of Trump to hear about the encounter with the lawyer from Russia. Trump Jr. now has a lawyer who will assist in the investigations.

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