Russian interference in the election meant as a ‘warning’ to Clinton, the former AG says

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Chris Wallace interviews the President of Russia Vladimir Putin

In an exclusive, extensive interview with ‘Fox News Sunday’ anchor Chris Wallace, Putin’s claims of Russian interference in the election in 2016, has said that Russia would react negatively to the expansion of NATO, the blame terrorists for civilians in Syria.

Russian interference in the US presidential election in 2016, may have been meant more as a warning to Hillary Clinton about Moscow’s increasing skills as a serious bid, then-candidate Donald Trump, former U.S. attorney General Michael Mukasey argued.

In a piece published in the Wall Street Journal, the former AG for the George W. Bush administration, speculated that Russian President Vladimir Putin never thought Trump would win the election and, instead, wanted to “send a warning” to Clinton, who could have Russia, information from her hacked personal E-Mail server.

“The Justice Department inspector general report on the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton, the use of unauthorized and vulnerable E-Mail server,” wrote Mukasey. “It was found that the office was complete, the server could also be penetrated without detection. Remember also that some of the people that hacked through GRU [Russia’s military intelligence agency] agents were aware of the fact that the server and mentioned it in the messages you sent, so that the Russians were aware of that.”

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Mukasey added: “There are around 30,000 E-Mails that MS Clinton turn over, on the allegation that they were personally present and involved, such trivia-yoga-routines and Chelsea’s wedding. If you say instead contained harmful information — that is, in reference to Clinton Foundation fundraising — the new President, the office would have taken over, the dangle in the shadow of a sword, from a string instead of the Russians.”

Note on the indictment last week of a 12-GRU-agents, the former attorney General also suggests that Putin wanted to, the US intelligence services to discover Russian interference in the election — and that if he really wanted to, agents from Moscow, undetected, he would have used a far more capable as a source the former Russian “special forces types”, GRU.

“The defendants all allegedly members of the GRU,” Mukasey said in the magazine. “Your actions, as presented in the indictment, appeared to be — recognized in exquisite detail — by U.S. intelligence services. GRU – phishing-venture, although widely used, was primitive in comparison with the SVR.”

The SVR, Russia’s top foreign intelligence agency, and the successor to the notorious Soviet Lieutenant secret service, the KGB, the former Soviet security agency, where Putin served as a Colonel.

In public, Putin will continue to interference refuse.

In an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace on Monday, Putin once again denied that Russia interfered in the US elections – has called it “absolutely ridiculous” that some people think that the Russians had swayed millions of American voters.

“Interference in the internal Affairs of the United States-do you really believe that someone could have from the Russian territory, influenced by the United States and influenced the choice of millions of Americans?” Putin said. “This is absolutely ridiculous.”

Trump, meanwhile, has not been attacked by lawmakers from both parties pressed Putin on the interference and go as far as to the question of the American intelligence services and in the last week, the Federal government charges.

“I have great confidence in my intelligence people, but I’ll tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his rejection today,” Trump said. “He not only said, it is Russia. I will say this: I see no reason why it would be.”

Sen. John McCain from Arizona, it was declared the sharpest Republican critics of the President on Monday to defend that Trump is a “conscious choice bully,” and “one of the most unworthy appearances by a U.S. President in memory.” Speaker of the house of representatives, Paul Ryan, who rarely criticized Trump, stressed that there is “no question” that Russia had interfered.

The former Director of the CIA, John Brennan, who served under President Barack Obama, called Trump, the words “nothing less than the country treacherous.” Brennan tweeted: “it’s only Trump’s comments dumb, he is in the pocket of Putin. Republican patriots: Where are you???”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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