Russian hooligans warn of riots during world cup 2018

Russian hooligans warn of riots during world cup 2018

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Russian hooligans to warn Englishmen that the football world cup 2018 in Russia to attend a “festival of violence”. After the riots during the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2016 in France there is more attention for the hooliganisme.

Fighting between Russian and English supporters before, after and during the match in Marseille were dozens of people injured. Also, we had two people in a coma. In the British BBC documentary Russia’s Hooligan Army set hooligans that these battles only a taste.

“Our opponents are the English, the forefathers of the hooliganisme. We are waiting on them. If you’re there, you can count on that you fold will”, says one of the hooligans anonymous in the documentary. Most of the hooligans to keep their mask on.

It was going to be a group of well-trained fighters, who have special camps to organize and hours of practice in the gym. Also be events in remote places organized for fighting practice. When these battles are also new members recruited.

Hooligans clashed with police in Lille during the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2016


According to Denis, the leader of a hooligangroep from Ural mountains, they were at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS last year, determined to make the English to disparage. “It was like two hundred professionals fought with two thousand of amateurs.”

“There was a time that people when Russians thought of vodka, folk guitar and bontlaarzen. This image will disappear. I think it’s nice to see that people, the Russians now see as a strong boys,” said Denis.

The UEFA filed an official complaint against the Russian football association and at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS and ended the body, and fourteen European countries, Russia and the Council of Europe, a covenant to violence at international tournaments. It was agreed that police services, better information from start swapping.

Although some hooligans claim that the Kremlin was behind the organization of the riots, takes Moscow additional measures for the world cup in 2018. So be hooligans on a black list banned and there is more police on the street.

The documentary is Thursday night show for BBC 2.

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