Russian fisherman ‘s pictures of scary sea creatures become viral sensation

(Photos courtesy of the Roman Fedorstov/Instagram)

Russian fisherman Roman Fedorstov the Instagram account used to function well, idyllic images of waterfalls, forests and other landscapes. But in the autumn Fedorstov social media account took a dark, dark turn.

Fedorstov account began with images of blood-cooling bottom feeders, creepy crustaceans and other types of demonic sea creatures that he and his crew hauled in their nets while trawling the deep waters off the coast of Russia’s Barents Sea.

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The fisherman, who lives in the northwest of the Russian city of Murmansk, has gained a loyal following on social media for his heinous photos of fish that look like something invented for a Guillermo del Toro film, or if Stephen King had created the Muppets instead of Jim Henson.

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While his photos is making the social media users squirm and gaining him thousands of new followers – Fedorstov covers all the slimy sea creatures in his photos with bare hands.

In a photo that he treats a halibut with a giant eye at the top of his head. In a different possession in the palm of his hand, a spindly “offshore spider”, which, he says, is “hopefully not toxic.”

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(Photos courtesy of the Roman Fedorstov/Instagram)

The photo that has caused the biggest sensation of online – and probably one or two nightmares – is of an unnamed shark which the slits of mouth would not be out of place in Ridley Scott’s Alien series.

After viewing these photos, some might think twice about taking a dip at the beach next summer.

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