Russian doctors are afraid for the health after a nuclear accident’

The Russian doctors, the victims, have dealt a bit of a rocket engine in the north of the country in August, fearing that they may have been exposed to radiation. Then, when the victims were brought in, were not told that it was a nuclear accident went.

The doctors, who are in the Russian port city of Arkhangelsk in to work to tell their story, anonymously, to the BBC.

The accident happened in the centre of the atoomconcern Rosatom, about 35 kilometers west of Arkhangelsk.

The doctors were sure of about ninety people at the end of it, but it was never ever advised of the possibility of increased radiation levels.

The five investigators were at the accident, in order to live the life, and several people were injured. The three injured people were taken to the hospital, where the doctors work.

According to them, it was clear that she was seriously ill was when she was in the emergency camps.

After that, they are in the operating room will be sent. Because it was not immediately known what the trio is wrong, it was going to work in the emergency room again.

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