‘Russian bots spread nepnieuws about French elections’

‘Russian bots spread nepnieuws about French elections’

Photo: Bloomberg

Automated accounts on social media would be nepnieuws spread about the French elections. Many of these bots may be completed by Russia.

That allows a research of Oxford University. A quarter of all the links to political articles on Twitter would nepnieuws contain, according to Reuters.

The nepnieuws describes according to the researchers, “extreme ideologies and conspiracy theories”. Opinion and false information as facts are presented.

French internet users know according to the researchers, however, better to go with the nepnieuws. They would generally be more correct news to share.


The research focuses especially on Twitter. According to professor Kevin Limonier of the University of Paris VIII would French nepnieuws on Facebook also play a role. How many there are shared is unclear, but the social network recently to 30,000 accounts have been blocked.

The French Facebook accounts were banned because of sending spam, but according to Limonier shared many of these users, misinformation and propaganda.


From other research, in the hands of Reuters shows that nepnieuws also more common in Germany and is distributed. About a third of the accounts that during the American elections were used to nepnieuws to spread, should now be in Germany for the same purpose may be used.

Research Bakamo states that in Germany, there are about as many nepnieuws is distributed as in France. Much of this nepnieuws would also come from sources that “have been influenced by the Russians”.

Germans would be relatively little nepnieuws parts. For each nepartikel on social media, there would be four are dealt with correct information.

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