Russian activist Pavlenski asks for asylum in France

Russian activist Pavlenski asks for asylum in France

Photo: AFP

The Russian dissident artist Pyotr Pavlenski wants to seek asylum in France.

Pavlenski (32) fled last month with his partner and their two daughters to Ukraine.

They took the decision to divert until the police were questioned about a zedenmisdrijf, where they, according to them, falsely accused. They would ten years in prison.


The artist Pyotr Pavlenski came under more in the news because he and his scrotum vastspijkerde on the Red Square in Moscow.

In 2015 was Pavlenski arrested after he the wooden gate at the headquarters of the secret service FSB, the successor of the KGB from the time of the Soviet Union, in fire had been stabbed.

He also had his lips sewn together in protest against the treatment of the vrouwenpunkband Pussy Riot. Once he had his bare torso with barbed wire wrapped.

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