Russia won’t allow Turkey and Syria are engaged in a battle of hitting

The government of Russia has on Tuesday said that they “will not allow” that the Turkish and Syrian armed forces are fighting each other to touch.

“That would be simply unacceptable,” said the Russian special envoy to Syria, Alexander Lavrentyev, during his visit to the United Arab Emirates (uae). “And for this reason, we will, of course, will not allow it.”

The risk of collision between the two countries has increased since the Kurds in the north-East of Syria the government of Syria’s president, Bashar Al Assad, in order to help, asked me, after the Turkish conquest of the area.

Lavrentyev, described the Turkish incursion in to Syria, which last week began as “unacceptable”. That invasion took place after the US troops out of the area that slipped. Turkey wants to be a “safe zone” in the border region in order to combat terrorism, and the Kurds into the Syrian refugees to return home.

He was concerned and asked Syria for help

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a coalition of mainly Kurdish militia have been requested by the government to Al Assad for the assistance, in exchange for control of the place Manbij, and Kobani. The Syrian government forces sailed to the north-east.

According to the Russian ministry of Defence and the government, an area of about 1,000 square kilometres of Manbij safe.

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Russian soldiers patrol between Turkey and Syria

Russia is a key ally of Assad’s, that have the advantage in the fight against the different rebel groups is only able to achieve thanks to the military support of the Kremlin. The Russian forces have, since the year 2015, and Syria’s position.

The Russian ministry of Defence has still not been returned to let you know that the Russian military patrols in “no man’s land” between the Turkish and Syrian armed forces.

Doctors without Borders suspends aid to

Aid organization Doctors without Borders is reporting that the the help, in the north-East of Syria are forced into it. The safety and security of the personnel, in accordance with the organization will not be guaranteed. The international staff will be evacuated.

Rather, the organization, and that there is a shortage of water is looming for the refugees in the area. More than 200,000 people in the north-East of Syria have fled, reported to the united nations. Doctors without Borders says it will continue to look for opportunities to provide assistance in this area. The organization is deeply concerned about access to health care for the local population. Stichting vluchteling (Refugee foundation, says that in the refugee centres in the region are over-crowded to sit.


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