Russia wants official statement to US that there was no cooperation

Russia wants the United States an official declaration that there was no cooperation between Russia and the campaign team of U.s. president Donald Trump in the run-up to the presidential elections.

Senator Konstantin Kosachev, the chairman of the national commission of Foreign Affairs, gave on Monday a declaration on the occasion of the final report from Robert Mueller.

The special prosecutor’s note in his report that no evidence has been found of cooperation between the Russians and the team of Trump.

“The report, Mueller has something proven what we from the outset have already been called,” says Kosachev at The Moscow Times. “Namely that it is difficult for a black cat in a dark room, especially if there is no black cat.” Russia is irritated, however, that there are still accusations at the address of Moscow, and is asking now for an official statement from Washington.

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‘Russian hackers frustreerden sure the elections’

Mueller may not have evidence found of cooperation between Moscow and Trump, the American security services have concluded collectively that Russian hackers does indeed have mixed in the elections.

The report finds Mueller also that the Russians were several attempts undertook to employees of the team-Trump to persuade to cooperate.

About the second big question is around the American president – whether he was a criminal offence has committed by trying the Ruslandonderzoek to hinder – do Mueller in his report, knowingly make any statements. “Although this report does not conclude that the president a criminal offence has been committed, pleading him not free,” writes Mueller.

Democrats want the full report of Mueller see

The only information which up to now has come out about the report of Mueller, is a summary of four pages that attorney general john William Barr has written. The Democrats in the House of Representatives have demanded that the full report to see.

Meanwhile, there are still countless other investigations of Trump, his employees, and his business interests during his presidency.

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