‘Russia wants all internet traffic draining and decrypt’

‘Russia wants all internet traffic draining and decrypt’

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The Russian security service FSB examines the possibility to all internet traffic within the country to tap and decrypt.

So it should be possible to scan for keywords that might indicate terrorist threats, report sources on Wednesday to the newspaper Kommersant.

The FSB considers to be a ” man in the middle attack on the Russian internet traffic, reports the Russian oppositiesite Meduza on the basis of the message in Kommersant. With your own equipment would, data can be decrypted and encrypted again while it is on the way from the server to the user, or vice versa.

For the user this would not be noticeable; connections through the security protocol SSL is encrypted, there would be this methdoe still protected look by use of a overheidscertificaat.


In June took over the Russian state Duma is already a law on telecoms operators and internet companies are obliged to user data for six months to save, so that it can be searched by the authorities. This includes recordings of phone calls and the contents of written messages.

The law was adopted to terror better be able to fight, but could count on criticism from Russian internet companies and privacyactivisten. NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden spoke of “the new Big Brother law in Russia”.

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