Russia to strengthen Arctic fleet with powerful atoomijsbreker

Russia has Saturday a new nuclear-powered icebreaker launched. The ship, that the Ural is baptized, is one of the largest and most powerful atoomijsbrekers in the world and will be around 2022.

The ship by 3 meters thick ice to break, and will be in 2022 will be handed over to the Russian atomic agency Rosatom, after also two other ice-breakers from the series are built.

By the warming of the earth, Russia plenty of opportunities in the Arctic, on the one hand, as a route for commercial shipping traffic, on the other hand, if winningsgebied of fossil fuels.

The Arctic has oil and gas reserves equal to 412 billion barrels of oil, about 22 percent of the world’s undiscovered oil and gas reserves. Moscow, therefore, place full in on the development of the Arctic fleet.


Russia allows new atoomijsbreker to water

Russia wants to be around 2035 thirteen heavy ice breakers in business

In 2017, decided to the Russian president Vladimir Putin that the development of the Russian part of the Arctic region is a top priority had to get. By the end of 2018 got Rosatom jurisdiction over the traffic and the infrastructure in the region. The agency has the most icebreakers in the world.

Moscow hopes that the route from Murmansk to the bering strait in Alaska is operational. The route shortens transport times between Asia and Europe considerably.

Around 2035, would the Russian Arctic fleet of at least thirteen heavy ice breakers in operation, of which there are nine by nuclear reactors could be powered.

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