Russia to sign and officially lodged an appeal against the suspension of a four-year

Russia has antidopingbureau AIM is to officially lodged an appeal against the suspension of the four-year period. The athletes from the country are allowed during that period to participate in a global sporting event.

The director, Yuri Ganus, the Russian anti-doping agency RUSADA confirmed on Friday that all of the necessary documents for an appeal are to be sent to WADA.

“The AIM is to officially informed of the fact that we do not agree with the findings,” said Ganus, against the Russian media.

The severe punishment was for earlier this month WADA expressed after an investigation by a special committee. That was to prove that Russia’s large cheating has to do with the beginning of the year, data provided by the former dopinglaboratorium in Moscow, russia.

RUSADA announced a right to an appeal to the will to draw, and that’s Friday done. The punishment should, Russian athletes, for example, is not under their own flag and compete in the winter Olympics next year in Tokyo, japan.

RUSADA’s director, Yuri Ganus notice, an appeal against the decision as a blunder. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

“Look like we have any errors to see’

Ganus is for a longer period of time, hard for the fight against doping in sport within the whole of Russia. He expected that the appeal has very little meaning you will have to have. “It is virtually impossible for the suspension to be a fight.”

If it were up to the RUSADA managing director is on strike, Russia’s appeal as well. Ganus would like to see that in Russia, the punishment is to accept the mistakes, learnt, and plans for reforms.

He is certainly therefore a lot of officials, and against the grain. That’s how he calls the president, Vladimir Putin, the suspension is “politically motivated”, while prime minister Dmitry Medvedev spoke of a “continuation of anti-Russian hysteria, which is one of the chronic form”.

It is not known where it is, NAMELY, the appeal to Russia for processing. Like Russia, the profession will lose, the country will go to the independent sporttribunaal CAS steps in to take the penalty, subject to appeal.

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