Russia prolongs residence permit Snowden with three years

Russia prolongs residence permit Snowden with three years

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Russia has the residence permit of Edward Snowden three more years. The whistleblower, who revelations did about massasurveillance by the American secret service NSA, is since 2013 in Russia.

Spokesperson Maria Zacharova of the Russian ministry of Foreign Affairs, the renewal of the residence permit on Facebook confirmed.

Zacharova is responding to in her message on the statements of the former deputy head of the CIA, Michael Morell. He called the Russian president Vladimir Putin on Snowden to deliver, because that is a “perfect gift” would be for Donald Trump at his inauguration in the US.

“You understand Russia”, writes the spokesman at the close of her message. Snowden to Russia fled, after he is in Hong Kong to journalists revealed what resources the NSA and the British GCHQ to use for the interception of telephone and internet traffic.

Snowden is in the United States have been charged with espionage. He say yourself only wanting to go back to his homeland if he is a fair trials can be guaranteed.

According to Snowdens lawyer in Russia for the American next year, a Russian passport applications. Five years in Russia will stay a chance at citizenship.

Residency in Russia whistleblower Snowden extended


Tuesday, it was announced that whistleblower Chelsea Manning, that secret documents doorspeelde to Wikileaks, early released. Manning was in 2013 sentenced to 35 years in prison, but released in may free.

The case of Manning, according to the White House, to be materially different than that of Snowden. Manning was convicted by a military court, the punishment part expired and has her crimes recognised. Snowden, by contrast, tries to avoid prosecution and fled to a hostile country.

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