Russia is reported by the probe source in the middle of the whistleblower complaint about Pentagon contracts

Professor Stefan Halper is in the middle of a Pentagon-whisteblower complaint, the documents show.

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The professor, allegedly, the FBI, Russia probe support, a confidential source in the middle of the defense Department whisteblower complaint, claiming that the government contractor abuse, and excessive payments by the taxpayers, according to interviews and documents post by Fox News.

The complaint was filed by attorney Sean Bigley on behalf of the Pentagon-lawyer Adam Lovinger. Earlier this month, conservative watchdog judicial watch announced that it sued the defense force the Ministry in the order of Lovinger, the publication of E-Mails and other electronic messages which, according to Lovinger suspended his security clearance.

“[The complaint] with reference to the abuse of the contractors by the Department of Defense, specifically what he perceived as the use of third-party firms to conduct foreign relations in violation of U.S. law, as well as … coarse waste and excessive expenditure, were wasted on these contractors to do very little work,” said Bigley.

Bigley, who represents Lovinger pro bono, said his client indicated that concerns about Contracting firms-including Stefan Halper, the professor — as early as 2016, Lovinger leadership of the Office of Net Assessment (ONA), as an internal Pentagon think-tank. He said Lovinger has been specifically to Halper used, sent back by the ONA to “conduct foreign relations in violation of U.S. law-specifically, he was left unattended around the globe to meet with foreign diplomats and report” his findings.

In may, Halper been the subject of several media reports linking him to the Russia of the probe, with The “Washington Post” describes the academic as “the FBI source that supports the Russia-investigation and in the middle of a confrontation between congressional Republicans and the justice … is a well connected veteran of past GOP administrations, which convened senior intelligence officials for seminars at the University of Cambridge in England.” The complaint was updated and submitted in September 2017 and, after the Halper reports.

An E-Mail post by Fox News shows that in Halper, the ONA wrote in October of 2016, about a number of upcoming engagements, scheduled in a foreign country. While the nation’s name is redacted, the E-Mail shows Halper lined up “14 encounters … to consult with the different parts of the political and military community,” and a certain date, a Brigadier General, whose name is held back.

Lovinger said, his leadership, which he was worried had Halper, crossed the finish line in the diplomacy and foreign policy, and it would cause further damage to your office. “[P]rofessor-led talks damage of the [Office of Net Assessment] reputation among the segments of the [redacted], the national security elite, which we found, including some very experienced [redacted] officials [redacted] government,” to spend Lovinger E-Mail, the “[redacted] has a lot of political capital had to take the [redacted] government ONA serious again, and we are not still, hold still.”

The Code of Federal Regulations, section 7.5, called “inherently government functions,” States that the Contracting parties are prohibited from inclusion on the U.S. government functions, such as the “implementation of the criminal investigation,” the “command of the armed forces” and “the conduct of foreign relations.”

A review of the expenditure of the state records shows that the Halper was paid more than $600,000 for two contracts in 2015 and 2016 for scientific publications with respect to Russia. In 2015, the paper with the title “The Russia-China relationship: implications for the United States “security interests,” Halper lists more than three dozen sources, including General V. I Trubnikov, former head of the Russian intelligence, as well as the former Director of the CIA, Michael Hayden.

A similar contract, contribution from Fox News, awarded to a scientist for a paper on the Chinese approaches to war and conflict has been granted, much less, about $ 130,000 in tax funds. “Mr Halper was officially the preparation of the academic studies on questions of US tasked with foreign policy,” said Bigley. “If you compare the amount that he was paid to do the work, we believe that the descrepancy is the result of other work, Mr. Halper was performing was for the DoD.”

According to Halper ‘ s name reports, Lovinger attorney, appeared in the media said that he will provide additional documentation to strengthen their formal September 2017 complaint. He told Fox News that he believes that his client “entered unknowingly into something much bigger,” and Halper connection explains, the “wildness” of the alleged retaliation against his client.

Bigley, said that “within weeks to months,” according to Lovinger for the first time expressed its concern about the abuse of contractors in the fall of 2016, “Department of management opened two internal investigations against him, and months later his security check was stopped, without warning, his well-known detail to the White house was canceled, and ultimately his paycheck was cutoff.”

He added, “now He sits at home figuring out how to feed his family and to get to try the pieces of his life.”

Lovinger ultimately allowed to “accidentally taking a plane, a single, academically-oriented report categorized as “classification Pending”,” in 2016. According to the whistleblower complaint, Lovinger “immediately admitted to the breakdown”, described as his only security, the violation of a 12-year period on the Pentagon. The complaint stated that a review found that the document was “insufficient for classification markings.”

Fox News reaches you by E-Mail to Halper, not react. Hayden also do not respond to a request for comment. A Pentagon spokesman said the Department continues to Fox News’ request to the responsible Agency would conduct.

Catherine Herridge is an award-winning chief Intelligence correspondent for FOX News Channel (FNC) based in Washington, DC she covers intelligence, the justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security. Herridge joined FNC in 1996 as the London correspondent.

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