‘Russia is going to UN sanctions against Syria, reject’

‘Russia is going to UN sanctions against Syria, reject’

Photo: AFP

Russia rejects sanctions against Syria for use of chemical weapons against civilians. A high-ranking Russian diplomat has said Friday that a veto will be pronounced on the UN-resolution that is in front of him, to the displeasure of the United States.

“The argument is that the resolution itself is in contradiction with the fundamental principle of the presumption of innocence until the investigation is completed,” said Vladimir Safronkov, the deputy Russian ambassador to the UN, after a meeting of the Security council.

According to him, there is a “huge pressure” on the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) in The Hague with a one-sided result in the research.

Russia is the main ally of president Bashar al-Assad. “How long will Russia have by with baby-sitting and apologies for the Syrian regime”, asked the American UN representative Nikki Haley, then aloud.

They emphasized that there is enough evidence has been found for the use of chemical weapons against the population to the guilty on a black list.

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