Russell Brand used stappenprogramma AA yet in daily life

Russell Brand used stappenprogramma AA yet in daily life

Comedian Russell Brand, who fourteen years ago afkickte of multiple addictions, the twelve steps program of Alcoholics Anonymous still. The Brit says that it is “his faith” has become.

Fire, which by the end of 2016 became a father of a daughter and last week married fiance Laura Gallacher, explains in an interview with The Guardian “quieter life”. “I just have this feeling never experienced before. (…) I can get very busy and lively thing to do, but there is also something fragiels in me.”

“I’ve learned to here else to go. I do not feel so self-destructive and judgmental, I am more aware of. I’m still very ambitious, but now I know that when that motivation comes in contact with my ego, that’s devastating.”

In his new book, Recovery writes Fire over his addiction and the influence that this has had on his life. of the proceeds he will donate to the addiction.

“It is my wish that at some point, I fully philanthropic, go live.” It is his intention to keep all his earnings to donate to charity. “At the moment, is that 10 to 20 percent of what I earn.”


The 42-year-old Brand says that, among others, materialism and individualism have made sure that people cannot get a connection to the essential, the beautiful things in life. The comedian thinks that the stappenprogramma helps him to life again.

“I think that this ideology is more widespread it should be,” he says. “And how more people have access to it, the more people will be able to use it. I’m really fascinated by the potential that it has.”

In the twelve steps is defined that addicts of their shortcomings in regards to their addiction in a row and take a critical look at themselves, dare to look. The themes that arise from the steps at the meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous used for group discussions. In some groups, all twelve of the steps, other focus on a few.

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