Rush Limbaugh is a blessing for possible border wall quote

nearvideo President Trump ‘not satisfied’ with reservation border protection deal: “It is not do the trick”

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday said, don’t show the listeners not to underestimate the President of Trump’s desire to address illegal immigration and securing the border to Mexico, even if he avoided signing a compromise, other Federal shutdown.

“Everything that happens, solidifies and reinforces that effort and is already underway, the President can pose as a profit. He can always keep the card of a Declaration of a national emergency, the rest of the built, and so forth,” Limbaugh said.

President Trump today expressed his dissatisfaction with the possible limit-a safety issue at a White house Cabinet meeting, although he is rejected, stopped short.

“I’m not happy about it. It is not do the trick. But I’m adding it, and if you add what I have to add, it all happened, where we are gonna build them a nice, big, thick wall that is gonna let criminals and people traffickers and drug dealers, and drugs in our country,” Trump said.

“If the President is subordinate writes all of that, is less than the 5.7 billion US dollars, it was to demand or to ask how many of them consider this as a defeat or a loss compared to how many you look at, such as the completion of a Phase of this?” Limbaugh asked. “The President has promised, over and over, the wall is built. No one can say that he has collapsed, under the premise of control of illegal immigration and in support of the border”.


Limbaugh is also a possible argument for the White house, the President will sign a compromise.

“If he signs, he is gonna have to be the case that you can never get everything you want, all at once, in Washington. We have a divided government. We have ’em off the zero, we are moving in the right direction. We continue to work to build the wall,” Limbaugh said.


As for those critical of the President, the radio host and listeners reminded that would be disappointed that a compromise that you would be under the trump appreciate.

“I just think that someone is so out of their gourds, because of their constant belief that Trump is some Ogre and not demanding, not capable, not a single thinker, and he just-you still don’t know who the man is. You still don’t know who you are dealing with,” Limbaugh.

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