Runaway Oregon Republican, says the legislature will not return until the “expensive” carbon tax bill scrapped

nearvideo runaway Oregon Republican not backing down on opposition to carbon tax

Oregon State Senator Tim Knopp speaks from an unknown location after his escape from the state to vote to dodge climate change.

One of the runaway Oregon Republican senators said they will not return to the state until the “inefficient, complicated and expensive” carbon tax is scrapped and a party will be found a cross-Board solution.

Oregon State Senator Tim Knopp appeared on “Fox and Friends” on Tuesday morning from an unknown location, as he and the other 11 Republicans in hiding remain, in order to block the impending climate change legislation, while the state police was authorized by a democratic Gov., Kate Brown, to herd them in.


He said that the Republican strike was justified in view of the damage the legislation would be stressed to inflict on the people in Oregon, but that they also want to combat climate change.

“We want action on climate change, but this was a carbon tax, and one of the most inefficient, complicated and expensive ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.”

— Oregon State Senator Tim Knopp

“We want action on climate change, but this was a carbon tax, and one of the most inefficient, complicated and expensive ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions,” said Knopp.

“All we say is, it’s not thousands of jobs in the production, should the gas-tax increase of 20 cents per gallon to start, and increase the prices for natural gas for people to heat their home of almost 50 percent. We think that there is a better way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and so we hold, and the only way we could do that and stop, this voice will not roll through a quorum for the Democrats to us, about us,” he added.

The bill limiting greenhouse gas emissions and auction emissions allowances for carbon dioxide would be to emit the company, with a reduction in cap. The bill would reduce emissions by 45 percent below 1990 levels by 2035 and 80 percent by 2050. Critics say that it will hurt the economy and exacerbate a divide between the liberal, urban areas and rural parts of the state.

Knopp confirmed that the state police after the escape, the Republicans, the the ask the police superintendent to as “the company” on him for his return.

“I refused politely, his offer, and he indicated that he would be ready at any time of my return to the capital,” the lawmakers said.


The state senator, said that the bill the Democrats are pushing, not the actual sources of carbon dioxide emissions, including forest fires, the ruin of the state, and the fact that the people of districts in the Republican mind.


“If you tell them what you are doing actually and not simply a talking points on clean energy is about jobs, the people are very opposed to it, and the country-wide I think you would be too. One of the things that we have said, if you are so confident that people want to do this, please let the people in Oregon, we leave this discussion, and we’ll let you vote on what we have, this process here in Oregon,” he said.

When Oregon the legislation takes, it is the second state would be adopted in accordance with California a policy, the ask questions whether the legislation is more advantageous for the state of California rather than Oregon.

“The state of California needs more carbon credits and so really is not a big deal for the state of California, so great, of the said business for Oregon small businesses and the people who make their living,” Knopp.


“It is a factory, the power to stay of paper towels … with 2000 blue collar jobs, union jobs, and that the plant is in danger now because of this law, and we find this unacceptable and we stand with these people, and fight for as long as we can, and we hope that we will win,” he added, noting that they are likely to be hidden, to 30. June, at midnight, the date when the legislature Constitution ends legally.

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