Rugbyer Folau is not in appeal after dismissal for homophobic statement

Rugbyer Israel Folau is not in appeal against the decision of the Australian bond to get him fired because of homophobic statements on social media. The fullback stresses that he does not agree with the decision.

The thirty years ‘ Folau brought himself last month in discredit by on Instagram a message to the effect that for drunks, homosexuals, vreemdgangers, liars, the immoral, thieves, atheists and pagans, “hell awaits” and that “only Jesus salvation can bring”.

The Australian bond decided immediately to send away, but Folau forced a hearing for his dismissal, to fight off. In vain, for an independent commission decided on Friday that the Australian bond Folau is indeed allowed to dismiss due to a violation of the code of conduct in his contract.

The 73-fold international was given 72 hours to appeal, but he fights his forced departure from the national team, not again. “I do not go in appeal, but that does not mean that I, in the opinion of the commission, accept”, emphasised Folau. “I have simply no confidence in that Rugby Australia is able to me a fair way through this process.”

The message of Folau on Instagram. (Photo: Instagram)

Folau should world cup run

The statements of Folau, Rugby Australia until 2022, it was under contract, stem from his strict religious beliefs. He is a member of the pinkstergemeenschap Assemblies of God and placed last year in the same message.

By his resignation becomes Folau not only his contract with Rugby Australia lost, but also a few sponsors. Land Rover – delivered to him car again was – and clothing Asics decided recently the cooperation with the rugbyer to disconnect it.

Folau would be next fall at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Japan (september-november) one of the star players of the tournament. Australia hopes in Asia are third world championship title in the history to secure.

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