Rudolph van Veen fear that he the society vetmest

Rudolph van Veen fear that he the society vetmest

Rudolph van Veen cooks for years cupcakes, cakes and cookies on tv and runs in different programs of the dishes in each other. The last few years, feels the tv chef, however, occasionally guilty.

“I am with my treats to the society on the fattening? That may not be the intention,” says Rudolph in AD Magazine.

“When I was there a few years ago and was about to deepen, I am me blankly shocked at what sugar does to you,” the 49-year-old Van Veen. “Now I look better, note that I’m fitter as I get healthier eating.”

That he as a chef and pastry chef is trained in ‘nice’ and ‘good’ for the tv chef ‘an obstacle’. “As a cook in a restaurant do you think: people don’t go daily out to eat, so if they come, I want to be pampered with cream and butter. And I’m crazy about baking – baked are a manifestation of celebration.”


Sugar abjure the tv cook too much quenching. “So I hope that your cake itself instead of somewhere to buy. Then you are aware of what you ingest to sugar and fat.”

Van Veen is the happiest when he’s cooking. That is why the living room in his house in Hilversum to make place for a huge kitchen, with a counter of more than ten meters. “Cooking is a beautiful way of sharing,” he says.

“In the end eat people. I have always been such a magic found. Everything that mrs Jones eats, mrs. Jones. In other words: you are what you eat. It is also intimate, in a beautiful way. It disappears inside you. That and knowing that I create something that people will be plastically said – in himself to stop, that is very special.”

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