Rudi Vranckx will get a guided tour of the Roman site in Libya

In Lepcis Magna, a Unesco world Heritage site and one of the best preserved Roman sites in the world, seeks an archaeologist of the art treasures to save from the hands of IS. He fears that she is not one stone standing will leave and as a precaution, all images are already somewhere else to be found.

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Even the most indifferent visitor will be touched by the levensechtheid of the framework that is in Lepcis Magna presents itself, the most intact Roman city in the Mediterranean, an hour’s drive east of Tripoli.

This city came under the reign of Septimus Severus (193-211) to a large bloom, and counted between 60,000 and 80,000 inhabitants. The rest of the story bears some resemblance to the fate of Bruges in the middle ages: the silting up of the harbour meant the decline, the differences between the tribes did the rest, and with the invasion of the Vandals in 455, the fate of the settlement is finally sealed.

In the eleventh century, the nature of possession of the city, which is entirely under the sand disappeared. A blessing in disguise, would later prove to be. Eight centuries later, found Italian archaeologists found a quite part of Lepcis Magna, more or less intact back.


Who to the triumphal arch of Septimus Severus walks, stands fast in the face of the well-preserved baths of Hadrian. A little further you will become overwhelmed by the sight of the forum from 100 to 60 feet, where giant Medusa – and Nereide-heads, the visitor in the eyes, the snakes loose in the hair.

A km more to the west rest one of the biggest circuses to the Roman period. You can here with some imagination and at the hand of the many streets and buildings the life of a cosmopolitan city of 18 centuries ago for the recall.

Tourists come there now no more. Archaeologist Ezzedin Fagi try the Roman city from the hands of IS, to observe and to prevent the valuables from being destroyed. He therefore has already all the images in the museum, somewhere in a secret place in brought to safety.

Rudi Vranckx visited Lepcis Magna and get a tour of the archaeologist.

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