Rubio: Keep summer time all year round

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Sen. Rubio signals he’s open to changes to some of the gun laws

The Republican senator from Florida, says he stand by the Second Amendment and the NRA’s televised town hall, but signaled openness to raising the minimum age for the purchase of a weapon, reaction and analysis by Lawrence Jones, editor-in-chief of Campus Reform, and Richard Fowler, radio talk show host and a Fox News contributor.

Sen. Marco Rubio announced Wednesday that he has filed legislation allows for not only Florida, but of the whole nation to save daylight all year round.

The Florida Republican, says that he was Acting the sponsorship of the “Sunshine Protection Act” and the “Sunshine State””, because it will help the economy of the country.

Rubio took the initiative one week after the Florida legislature elected to your state to adopt the nation’s first year-round summer time nation-wide — a change that will not take effect unless the Congress changes Federal law.

The first bill would make daylight time permanent about the country. Currently, it runs from March to November, forcing the majority of Americans your clocks ahead one hour in the spring and then turn them back one hour in the autumn.

The second bill would let Florida time remains in the summer on its own, even if the rest of the nation is back to the normal time.

“Reflecting the will of the Sunshine State, I approve invoices and proud you would be to, Florida and, if National, would also ensure that Florida is out of sync with the rest of the nation,” Rubio said in a statement.

Rubio said, keep the clocks the same year, an economic decline that sets in every November would eliminate-and predicts that later the sun could be, which would of course lead to less robberies and car accidents.

The Florida PTA Gov. Rick Scott’s veto of the legislature has asked for the invoice, which is to say, the change for thousands more children would force on the journey to school in the dark for a longer period of time each year.

Nationwide summer time began 100 years ago in the first world war. During the long days of summer, the sun is not increased in some Northern regions of between 4 and 5 o’clock, when most were farmers fell asleep. Sunset happens before 8 o’clock, and the people on the lights. By moving the clocks ahead an hour, the men behind, the country could draw believed a bit of the coal-power to the military rather than it makes for an hour at home. It was again adopted, in the second world war.

After each war, Congress repealed the national laws, but a lot of people, the additional hour of sunshine, like at the end of the summer days, so that some States and even cities observe daylight saving time, while others kept the standard time all year round. This meant that the journey would be relatively short distances, to change a time or three.

Act of 1966, airlines, and other clock-watching companies that happen to be tired of such quirks, and pushed the Congress, the Uniform time. It is the summer of codifies of the time, though it has been changed at regular intervals, particularly the start and end dates. Only the States not the summer time, Hawaii and Arizona observe, with the exception of the latter, Navajo reservations, the to do the.


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