Royal Caribbean cruise passenger demanded a full refund because the neighbor was ‘very hard’

A cruise passenger has demanded a $3,000 refund because his neighbors are too loud snored.

(Royal Caribbean)

A passenger on a Royal Caribbean South Pacific cruise has reportedly demanded a full refund of his ticket, claiming his vacation was “ruined” by a snoring neighbor.

Brendan Ritson and his partner were on board an 11-day Royal Caribbean cruise from Sydney, Australia, Fiji in 2016, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

According to the publication, the couple found a leak in their cabin the first night and were upgraded to a larger and more expensive room.


Three nights later, Ritsema said a mother and daughter were moved to the room next door, that is when the problems started.

Ritson claims to be the mother and daughter were “very loud” and she “snored, talked loudly, argued, and used offensive language,” an Insider reported.

He is allegedly reported the inconvenience to the cruise staff twice in one night. The Royal Caribbean cruise ship management claims that the move Ritsema and his partner to a smaller room is equivalent to the one the couple had booked had. However, Ritson refused, because he ‘ does not want to be demoted,” an Insider reported.

Ritsema continued to complain, with an indication of the snoring was so loud, that he and his partner were kept awake. Although, once again, Ritson refused to change rooms.

After the vacation is terminated, Ritsema allegedly filed for a full refund of € 3,270.29 Royal Caribbean Cruises with the Queensland Civil and Administrative tribunal Court. However, after the initial hearing, Insider reported the amount was reduced to $2,436.78 that only the cost of the accommodation.

Despite the reduction in the amount, Ritsema of the appeal for compensation for his “ruined” the holiday was rejected by the court.

“I accept the noisy neighbours’ snoring caused Mr Ritson and his partner’s annoyance, even chagrin, and a disturbed sleep and the pleasure of the cruise,” Judge Howe said, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, before Riston’s refusal to move to a different room was “unreasonable.”


Howe went on to point out that the Ritson ‘ s first complaint about the noise only came nearly a week after the two new neighbors moved in.

Royal Caribbean was not immediately available for comment.

Alexandra Deabler is a Lifestyle writer and editor for Fox News.

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