Royal belgian football association: the Red Devils need at least 4.2 million euro in revenue worries

The matches of the Red Devils should be in 2018, for a bonus of 4.2 million euro worries.

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That made the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) Friday night known during its annual General Meeting. In that budgeted results are the revenues of the world cup in a Russia not yet settled.

Within the sports department of the royal belgian football association the national team and by far the largest financial share. To organize the competitions and the general operation of the Red Devils to ensure in 2018 to 5.5 million. To opbrengstzijde counting the belgian football association at 9.7 million euro. ‘Either a bonus of just more than 4.2 million euros, according to finance director Tom Borgions in his budget.

Therein were the four practice matches of this year included, the UEFA Nations League matches and also the oefenmatch against the Netherlands in October. Via the Nations League will be the belgian football association to 6.1 million euro in revenue generation.

In the general expenditure (823.800 euro) is mainly the insurance. Compared with the budget 2016, the revenue reduced by 200,000 euros per match and this is partly because the ticket prices are currently lower, and on the other hand, because of the reduced public interest’, let Borgions again. ‘Just like last year, we will not get more out of completely sold-out stadiums to the maximum, although we assume that in the framework of the preparation for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS, with some nice posters in the Nations League and a good communication strategy, it must be possible to get more spectators to the stadium to lure. A good media campaign in this regard is recommended.’

The financial picture for the Red Flames looks less rosy. In the women’s football is in 2018, 1.3 million euros were invested, of which 665.000 in the competitions of the Red Flames. From the ticket sales will be counted less than 50,000 euros, which is peanuts compared to the 9.7 million euro of the male colleagues. The budgeted surplus of € 4.2 million that the Red Devils will be generated, is directly invested in the other national teams.

That will work to 625,000 euro yield, while there are still 3.6 million euro is being invested by the royal belgian football association.

Also the 25 coaches and their technical staff, the top-sports schools of Soccer Flanders and ACFF, the sports centre in Tubize and the national trainersschool be funded through the proceeds of the Red Devils.

Football is counting on 400,000 euro profit in 2018

At the Statutory General Meeting proposed to the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) Friday night its budget for the calendar year 2018. “We have conservatively budgeted, and come out at a profit of about 400,000 euros, according to finance director Tom Borgions.

The royal belgian football association attracts 52.9 million euros for its operation in 2018. With that amount, the different competitions are organised, provided for the guidance of the national team, and marketing and communication campaigns on its feet.

Also the administrative services, and for example, the maintenance of the buildings belongs to the budget. Compared to 52.9 million euros in expenditure is 53.3 million euros in income, mainly via the Red Devils and the sponsorship is coming from. That delivers a positive net result of € 400,000.

That amount may still be serious, because the revenue from the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia there are not processed. Almost a fourth of the budget ‘leagues’ goes to the referees. In comparison with last year, which lastenpost with about 20 percent. This increase is entirely due to the intredes of the Video, Assistant Referee (VAR) and the Match Delegates.

The extra cost of 775.000 euro is fully recovered in the Pro League. Further costs all disciplinary commissions and committees a lot of money to the royal belgian football association.

In 2018 is for the post of 2.9 million. In the coming years there will be much to be saved, notice Borgions. So is there already work on the digitisation of out-of-court settlements.

The royal belgian football association could also not pass on the bad European campaign of the professional clubs. Not a single club managed European to spend the winter, resulting in a negative impact of € 200,000 on the budget. The royal belgian football association charges this calendar year, not on direct income from the national teams. The Red Devils have a bonus of € 4.2 million to generate that amount will be invested in other national teams, the national voetbalcentra and the top-sports schools. The national teams provide, ultimately, a negative balance of almost € 350,000.

The revenues come mainly from the marketing and sponsorship, or the proactive communication of the belgian football association and its brands. ‘For a total of $ 4.3 million in budgeted expenditures as compared to 13.8 million in budgeted revenue’, it sounds. From sponsorship gets the royal belgian football association 9.8 million euros in revenues. “Most of the contracts run until 2020. The 13 seats of the main sponsors are still full. However, there are a number of contracts which after the world cup expired (PWC, Coca Cola, Ergo).’

‘Also, you need to be ambitious to act. To the marketing department for this amount significantly try to increase. We could not be more satisfied with the functioning as on today and a significant increase is urgently needed’, according to Borgions. ‘The budgetoefening calendar year 2018 was from a detailed approach built up and became a conservative approach. The result of € 400,000 must at least be achieved. There were still only limited revenue increases provided and limited cost efficiencies included. The internal targets for each of the boards have a lot of focused on, ” said the belgian football association.

‘Replacing more experienced staff with cheaper but still more motivated employees, we would also have less cost. The further investment in digitisation should lead to on the one hand, a decrease in the costs, both at the royal belgian football association, VV, ACFF as the clubs. This investment will also should contribute to the dates on which the bond potential can have to the future of more value for our partners. In addition, the service for the clubs, faster and better.’

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