Roy Moore, struck by the media and the establishment, loses upset in giant Alabama

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Kurtz: the media outcry, as the trump harassment denies allegations, slams Gillibrand

‘MediaBuzz’ host Howard Kurtz weighs in on the women to come forward and President of the Trump calling sexually harassed them, and the subsequent media backlash.

The ugly allegations, the burning of the national spotlight, and a divided GOP took its toll on Roy Moore last night, when he lost in Alabama, a result that is almost unthinkable.

Moore, to personalize who came right or wrong, a suspected robber in #MeToo climate, seemed ready to overcome, a negative wave with a last-minute President’s back up. Some experts were willing to put your chips on Democrat Doug Jones, given the emotional connection between Moore and his conservative base.

The degree to which the Alabama competitive behavior was a referendum on sexual misconduct, religious values, the media, the Republican party, Donald Trump, and the state itself was truly remarkable. Also Moore’s controversial past—twice, first to launch the state’s Supreme Court for not according to the law, namely, homosexuality should be illegal—was largely overshadowed.

As Jones 10 PM EST increased to 500 votes behind, and then all of a sudden an 11,000-vote lead, the cable experts, with their color-coded cards that were suddenly dealing with a cliffhanger. At 10:30 a.m., Fox and CNN, the race was a narrow win for Jones.

I don’t think there was a state election, which touched a deep national chord that David Duke lost in his bid for Louisiana Governor in 1991.

But while the Jones-Zinker, is a big psychological boost for the Democrats, it is hard to imagine that most of the Republican candidates would fare without Moore’s considerable baggage, not so bad in the trump suit is the high castles.

The reddest of the red States, the US President, carried by 28 points, was asked to vote for a deep blue Democrat. Even veteran Republican senator Richard Shelby urged his state not to vote for Moore.

The former judge reacted to the harassment allegations from nine women, most of whom said that he traced deny or bothered you as a teenager—through the trail, their accounts and remain largely out of the election campaign. He attacked the Washington Post, published, the on-the-record interviews with the first four accusers, for his “horrible and disgusting article.” Moore campaign spokeswoman Janet Porter denounced the “lynch-mob media.”

After the first exit polls, nearly six in 10 Moore voters Trump say ‘ s support was a factor in their decision. And it was an uber-partisan split over the harassment allegations, with 89 percent of the Jones voters she calls, true, and 86 percent of the Moore voters, branding them incorrectly (with 8 percent believe the accounts but the support for Moore anyway).

At first it seemed that the GOP would have the collective back to Moore, after he was victorious with Steve Bannon for help in the elementary school. Trump said in a statement that, if the allegations were true, Moore should step aside, and the RNC pulled its funding. Mitch McConnell spoke of leading to expel an effort Moore, if he won.

But the President gradually came to advocate, Moore, the RNC back on Board and Senate Republicans softened speak to your exclusion. Moore looked like he was to win on the track, and much of his party from the cold political calculation of the train.

Trump’s endorsement unleashed a wave of bad press for him as a journalist and wanted to know how he was able to dismiss, the allegations by nine women. And this, in turn, allows to revive the press, the accusations of the women, the accused candidate trump the harassment, which he has denied. Several of them, the NBC show appeared on Megyn Kelly.

And so the Moore-was race a referendum on all parties, including the Evangelical voters in Alabama, who stuck by him. Virtually the entire mainstream media, including the Wall Street Journal’s conservative editorial page, was very critical of Moore.

The chatter on the tube, before the goods back to us, was that the Democrats would win, one way or the other, to defeat Moore or a Republican poster child, against up to 2018. But now you need to come up with an extra Senate seat.

Howard Kurtz is a Fox News analyst and host of “MediaBuzz” (Sundays 11 p.m.). He is the author of five books and has its headquarters in Washington. You can follow him at @Howard Kurtz. Click here for more information on Howard Kurtz.

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