Roxeanne Hazes takes the on social media for insecure women

Roxeanne Hazes responds to Instagram often to people who criticize her appearance. According to the singer, she does this to stand up for women who are insecure about their appearance.

“The strange thing is: nine out of ten people who have something onaardigs about me writing, women over fifty”, says the Cockpit in an interview with newspaper het Parool.

“Who called Gonny or Olga and have a profile picture where they are with their grandchild. Who write texts like: “You’re a horrible fat child,’ or: ‘Gatver, you’re ugly.'”

On the question of whether the singer is this kind of people not simply have to ignore it, she replies that she usually does. “But I have the idea that I should come for other women. I know perfectly well that I’m not the slimmest, but if that Gonny’s and Olga’s me calling for my body, read sixteen-year-old girls.”

Hazes is afraid that these girls are then no longer in a swimsuit or bikini to dare to walk. “For them, I would also come to mind, in that regard, I’m a real feminist.”

Open about obesity

The singer is on her social media always very open about her weight problems. “I think it’s fun to share things with my followers. Just as I like it when women who I opkijk say that they draw in their legs, or stretch marks on their bellies. Women should be happy with their body,” says andré Hazes.


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