Roxeanne Hazes is arrested for photos of nephew

Roxeanne Hazes is arrested for photos of nephew

Roxeanne Hazes has her nephew André Hazes Jr. still not met because she and her mother have no contact with her brother, André. The singer doesn’t look at the Instagram of her brother, because they prefer no photos of her nephew.

“I can’t say that I baby love, because I the boy have never met. I kept myself sure to Drés Instagram to look, because then gloom myself with pictures and videos of my nephew,” said Roxeanne Hazes in conversation with Grazia magazine.

The 24-year-old singer has a number of times approach sought to her brother and his girlfriend, which she had about two years of not seen. She noticed then that André and Monique still were not ready for a reconciliation. “Of course I let him never loose completely, but I’m not as busy as the first.”

Roxeanne Hazes had the best found when they her nephew, “with z’n all” were able to see grow up. “But that is not so. So, I have learned to be happy with the things that I do have. Negative vibes, I try to block it.”

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