Roxeanne Hazes is about a father: “I have made you as often as needed’

Roxeanne Hazes has to be Monday, the fifteenth anniversary of the death of her father, André, Hazes, as a tribute to him on Instagram posted. The singer has said of him after his death, it is still often a need to be met.

“As an eleven year old girl who was my best friend taken from me”, she began her story. “You were all of a sudden don’t any more. I’ve got you as often as needed. As often as convenient. So many of you cried a lot and laughed a lot. I have not understood a long time to be selfish, is found,” she writes about the emotions she felt during the years after his death.

Roxeanne Hazes said due to being new and fresh ideas have come up and called to her father, “may well be the most sensible, most wise man in my life.” The singer was in July of 2018, with the mother of the son of a Fender. “It is time for you to grieve and to be forgiven for the things that I should not have to feel like a child. Now, to fill your place in my heart, but with love and understanding.”

The singer says that she and her father getting to know and to recognize the qualities in herself that she is her father’s. They know, however, is that the loss will never fade, and to think often of what it would be like if he was his son-in-law, and grandson), had been met. “Sometimes I fantasize I’m how to get my son, and that he was the best, craziest, grandfather of the world, it would have been.”

September concludes with the comforting thought that the music of her father, who still lives on. “Fortunately for many people, and for me, you’re just dead and have not disappeared.”

The son of André Hazes has shared a photo of his father. He writes of it: “for fifteen years without a king.” He was ten years old when his father died.

André Hazes passed away on september 23, 2004, at the age of 53.

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