Rover receives many more complaints after the new timetable, NS

Rover receives many more complaints after the new timetable, NS

Users (Rover) received after the start of the new timetable five times as many complaints about the NS than normal.

The continuing stream of complaints keeps in addition to says Rover on Thursday in Trouw. Since the new train schedule on december 11, was introduced, the association received nearly seven thousand notifications.

Rover set up a special hotline on which up to now 3,500 of objections came in. In addition, 3.300 reports on the website of Rover on full trains. In a typical month, says Rover, on average, 1.500 objections to count.

Rover says in the newspaper surprised ;about the huge number of complaints. “We thought that the new timetable an improvement would be. Now we are not so sure.” The complaints that Rover receives would go about tight connection times, longer travel times, crowded trains and extra switch.


Rover says will be available soon in conversation with the NS, but I expect that it still takes a while before the major bottlenecks be remedied.

An NS spokesman tells Faith that minor adjustments will be done on the basis of the first experiences. Furthermore, expect NS, the number of complaints decreases as both passengers and TRAIN staff used to the new schedule.

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