Rotterdam hospital is working on website for parents of child with fever

Rotterdam hospital is working on website for parents of child with fever

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The Rotterdam Sophia children’s Hospital works for worried parents to a website with information about fever.

Parents visit their gp or the emergency department of the hospital the most because their child has a fever. In many of these cases there is nothing seriously wrong and they again by a doctor, sent home, writes the AD.

Nevertheless, many parents fear that their child to something worse suffering than a simple flu. “Parents remain uncertain about what is going on. And know actually not at all what they now need to keep,” says Rianne Institutions., a pediatrician from the Sophia children’s Hospital to the newspaper.

The emergency gives the parents today already have a booklet, in which they told the heartbeat, the breathing, the color of the child and the overall impression to pay attention to. “But it seems difficult to estimate when things are not going well. A parent makes, for example, be of great concern if the child desperately cries. But a child that is very quiet, apathetic. And this is one of the characteristics is that there is,” says Institutions..


It happens almost never that one attribute, a serious infection confirms or excludes, says Institutions.. “Already has a child high fever, if it normally eats, drinks, plays, and plast, then there is less cause for great concern. The tricky thing is, there are also parents who are late to seek help. That’s what we want, of course, also prevent”.

Currently working on the children’s hospital to a website, so that concerned parents in the fever of their child to inform. “We want to also movies setting up a sick versus a healthy child, so parents can see when they go to the doctor,” said the doctor.

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