Rossana Kluivert was crying the whole night after being Scammed?!-transmission

Rossana Kluivert was crying the whole night after being Scammed?!-transmission

Rossana Kluivert has cried all night after its foundation, Kluivert Dog Rescue Foundation is the subject of an episode of the program, been Ripped off?!. In a recent interview with The Telegraph, she tells you that she’s not very good sleep at night.

“In the beginning, there was disbelief. After that, sorrow, grief, it’s like you have no breath, the more you can get. Sleeping is not possible anymore. I have spent the whole night crying, one of our volunteers cry,” said Kluivert.

Kluivert, who will be the foundation on Curaçao, for her, ” says her grief quickly turned into anger. “We would never have thought of that in a journalism program as a Ripped-off?! here, in the stairs. What amazes me, is that the directors of the day, no questions asked. It is a deliberate, personal attack.”

Kluivert is going to work for its establishment, but it is also concerned with the legal steps. “Cheated?! need to rectify it. That I need to address it. You want to be in a corner, sitting with a blanket around you, but we are not going to do. I’m going to fight back.”

Kluivert wants to be with Jaap Jongbloed at the table

They would also like to be with host Jaap Jongbloed’s talk. “I’m going with each scene, and explain how that came about. I think he may pass out when they see that there’s something wrong on the show. If he’s not willing to work with me to set the table, sit down, and I find him to be a cowardly person. Our company name needs to be cleared.”

In the targeted delivery of a Ripped-off?! primarily, the activities of the foundation, its affiliates Kluivert Dog Rescue Center in Curaçao, before it was too late. There was no shelter on the island are present, and it seems to be unclear as to where the money comes from and as the physical donations are going.

Although Kluivert admits that mistakes have been made, to which she insists that the donations are used for personal purposes and are not used.

‘Kluivert have been given the opportunity to respond

A spokesman for AVROTROS, the broadcaster, that have been Ripped off?! transmitting, in the case of AD Kluivert definitely more opportunities to be given to the camera response. “To hear both sides of the argument are in the us, which is why we have the statement of the foundation as well as the answers to our questions, and integrated online.”

The spokesman said that the chapter is in the writing of the program is completed, and it remains that Kluivert, a too-rosy picture of the work of the foundation is given. “This is a misleading picture, and the donors are structurally incorrect information.”

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