‘Roseanne’ cancellation, ABC costing a lot of money, experts say



The far-reaching economic consequences of the ‘Roseanne’ cancellation

From the show’s tent talent all the way down to assistants and paid interns, Anita Vogel breaks down the costs of the cancellation of ‘Roseanne.’

The cancellation of the hit series “Roseanne” will cost ABC in a big way.

ABC closed the show down following star Roseanne Barr racist tweet about former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett. The move puts the network on the hook for a hefty sum of money.

“The network is a right to cancel any show at any time, so they are for the exercise of their right of cancellation of the show’ Oliver herzfeld who works, Entertainment attorney and Chief Legal Officer at Beanstalk Group, told Fox News.

But he noticed the well-known actors in the series were not involved in Barr’s tweet, and therefore, the result of the money they were promised for the already-greenlit second season.

“The other cast and crew who had strong bargaining power, probably because they are well known, they go right on their guaranteed payments in their contract. I mean, they had nothing to do with Roseanne’s tweets.”

Sources told The Hollywood Reporter, Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf and John Goodman, who each recently negotiated a $300,000 per episode for the payment of the second season, which will be paid at least 10 episodes of the now-defunct season 2.

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The Hollywood Reporter states the network would be “tens of millions of dollars.”

And the show could also pay off Barr as the star decides to take legal action.

According to The Explosion, Barr had a morality clause in her contract which allows an employer to fire an employee if the employee brings negative attention to the said employer. But that does not mean that Barr can’t try to fight for her firing.

Entertainment lawyer Schuyler Moore, who negotiates the morality clauses at Greenberg Glusker, is of the opinion that the case law on Barr can still walk away with some money if they decide to go after the network.

“Her position is no doubt that her tweet was the First Amendment rights and that it has no control over what she does outside of work,” he told Fox News. “This was not a sexual harassment claim and that this is just her speaking her mind. That it is not a violation of her morality clause, because it requires actions, not speech.”

Moore said that argument may not go too far, but he noted that there is always room for disputes. And Barr recently told her followers that she is considering fighting back.

Even if ABC does not end up having to pay Roseanne, herzfeld who works said ABC has a serious money problem.

“This is going to be an enormously expensive for the network, regardless of what they have to pay to settle with Roseanne and what the guaranteed minimums that they have to pay the cast and crew that has bargaining power. This was a very successful reboot and they’re going to lose all the revenue they were expecting to receive with this show,” he said. “They have to replace the time slot with a show that may not be as successful.”

The only way for ABC to save the portfolio can be to have the show back, sans Barr.

According to the Daily Mail, Metcalf is open to the idea of a spin-off starring her, Goodman and Gilbert. Entertainment Weekly reported that ABC is in discussions to figure out if a spin-off, if possible.

ABC did not immediately return Fox News’ request for comment.

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