Roseanne Barr and the new political correctness

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ABC pulls plug on ‘Roseanne’ Barr’s ‘vile’ tweet

Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger says the network’s decision to cancel the reboot of the popular sitcom was to be done ‘right’; reaction from Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz.

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On the roster: Roseanne Barr, and the new political correctness – Garrett drops re-election bid due to alcoholism – cross-y lawmakers is in talks to revive DACA bill – Trump complains Müller – Dems of interference – Bro…

Who knew that a professional vulgarian, and a notorious kook, could be a face of your political movement, and so risky?

It will be many millions of pixels wasted in the name of debate whether the ABC was right or wrong to terminate, Roseanne Barr‘s eponymous sitcom, the comedian compared, a former White house official, the black descent to a monkey.

If you feel obligated to give an opinion on this topic is shaped your view probably by your policy and is, therefore, something of a matter of course. The same is true for their assessment of the show in the first place.

So powerful is the draw of the political tribalism is that people are now increasingly able to their tastes on a dime in order to comply with what is politically correct.

Barr’s act in the show, which is produced to shocking. It was shocking when they spit, and snapped their way through the national anthem, and it was shocking when she and her TV character, conventional standards, attacked as Brutal on middle-class marriage and the family.

A generation ago it was admired on the left for skewering June Cleaver expectations for the media-mothers. This time admirers around them, were mostly on the right side, since they adopted, their support for President Trump as their preferred indignant generation device.

How many middle-aged white dudes, and suddenly, to appreciate Kanye West‘s rhymes, Trump Fans were excited to see, as someone who unabashedly rooted for the President, even if it’s just an exercise in trolling liberals. After all, it seems, is the point that a lot of what the Republicans are doing these days. It tends to be less of a role to play, whether something is good or bad, or even congruent with the philosophy, so much as it is important that something is “make heads explode.”

Similarly, Democrats express strange, new respect for ultra-conservative Republicans, such as Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., or state attorney General Jeff Sessions , if you are growing a trump card. And the political correctness in cultural practices, has a much longer history on the left side of the aisle. Certainly no living man could endure, a set of Kathy Griffin‘s Comedy, unless you think they did it for a political cause.

But now, the Republicans are fully involved in the action. This is not only the wistful nostalgia of Pat Boone or Wayne Newton from the Reagan era. This is full-blown of art as a cultural weapon.

If you dictate fool enough to strangers to, your likes or dislikes in terms of music, movies, books and TV-there’s not much we can tell you. You drank the Kool-Aid, and mix up another pitcher.

We don’t know whether or not the President will remain strong, with Barr in the light of their racist remark. Your comment came to support the kind of batty conspiracy theories, in which some of the President’s train – and sometimes the President himself – Trafficking.

Trump has, in the past, racists and the kooks defended, which is part of his broader political base. This is, after all, a man who gave in an interview with Alex Jones.

And it is potentially useful for Trump to embrace the idea of Barr as a victim. This would work well with his General narrative, the middle class white voters, to be followed. There are obvious downsides in terms of alignment, with someone with a record like Barr’s, but the President has already made the leap with her. If the entire controversy that creates a huge, discord, sedition, then it would fit very well with the President, the General political style.

It is too late to try to get the policy from the art and popular culture. If you are at a point where Taylor Swift is criticized, not the political positions, you know that we are not going back to the old, more pleasant arrangement, where people do not know much, or care about the political views of your favorite entertainers.

Politics and culture are kind of like government and religion: Both are harmed by their mixing.

It is good to discuss whether or not, Barr is evil, on prime-time television. It is even possible that some good could come from such a discussion.

And it is understandable that people feel more sympathy for those who have sympathy for you. But what makes no sense, ever give up, your own taste in art, to the expectations of their colleagues, the partisans.

“Feeling, perception, judgment, desire, volition, memory, imagination, are found separated by such delicate shades and minute gradations that deprived their boundaries the most astute investigations, and remain a pregnant source of ingenious disquisition and controversy.” – James Madison, Federalist No. 37
WSJ: “in the course of time, many other antique car features were ruthlessly abandoned—hand-crank-starter, and windows, carburetor, and cassette decks. But stick-shifting has defiantly climbing to the plug, connect the axe throw, and Ultramarathon as an activity to enjoy, the people stubbornly, in spite of its unnecessary difficulties. … Thomas Plucinsky, a representative of a company for BMW, ” There is no longer a logical reason to manually move it.’ Cars with an automatic transmission, you accelerate faster, drive more smoothly and better fuel economy than stick shifts, he noted. One could argue that the manual shifting makes the car about as much sense as grinding your own flour, building a fire to your house, or drawing water from a well. Also, many of the pro-driver race automatic these days. … But many people still gears of cars for “emotional reasons,” Mr. Plucinsky buy said. “You enjoy the mechanical feedback, which is part of the fun of driving, even if you are only commuting to work.'”

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Trump job performance
Average Approval:
41.2 Percent
The average of the rejection:
Net Rating:
-12.8 Points
Change from a week ago:
minus 0.6 points
[On average contains: Gallup: 42% approve – 54% lean; CBS News: 40% approve – 55% lean; CNN: 44% approve – 51% oppose; IBD: 38% approve – 56% lean; Pew Research Center: 42% approve – 54% lean.]
Control of the house
Republican Average:
41.8 Percent
Democratic Average: 48.4%
Democrats plus 6.6 points
Change from a week ago:
no change
[On average contains: CNN: 47% Dems 44% GOP; CBS News: 50% of the Dems 41% GOP; Pew Research Center: 48% Dems 43% GOP; Monmouth University: 49% Dems 41% GOP; Quinnipiac University: 48% Dems and 40% GOP.]

WaPo: “Rep. Thomas Garrett (R-Va.) announced on Monday that he struggles with alcoholism and abandoned his candidacy for a second term in Congress, so he can focus on recovery and his family. Garrett, a member of the conservative liberty Caucus, is state-of-the 48th, Republicans in the rest, or announce they will not seek re-election to the house this year, according to a list maintained by the house Press gallery. Many leave in anticipation of a strong Democratic performance in congressional races this fall, and out of frustration with the partisan politics in Washington. Garrett, 46, was in front of a robust challenge from his Democratic opponent, journalist and author Leslie Cockburn, who has made more money, and more money on hand than he had. In recent days, unnamed former employees had accused him and his wife mistreated staff, has worked in his congressional office. But in a Video statement, Garrett, a former Virginia state senator, said his retirement from politics he was of his addiction.”

Distillery-owner of first in the race to replace Garrett – WaPo: “hours after Rep. Tom Garrett’s (R-Va.) was the surprise announcement that he will not seek re-election in Central Virginia, potential candidates-scramble began, him to replace, and officially into the race. Denver Riggleman, a former Air Force intelligence officer and distillery owner, ran a short-lived campaign for Governor last year, said he is seeking the Republican nomination to help pass President Trump‘s agenda in Congress. ‘We have all seen in the last few years that it takes to pull a real outsider with real-world experiences, the swamp Monster in the country,” he said in a statement. “As a veteran and a small business owner, I’m perfect for the job.’ Riggleman is the first candidate to confirm publicly that he is running after Garrett announced his battle with alcoholism, but it is a long list of other potential candidates, including four by the General Assembly.”

Trump to hold a rally in Nashville tonight – AP: “trump is traveling to Nashville, Tennessee, on Tuesday to raise campaign cash for the Republican rep Marsha Blackburn, the party, the leading U.S. Senate hopeful in Tennessee, and the headline of the rally with his most loyal supporters. Blackburn is expected to be ahead of Democratic former Gov. Phil Bredesen to replace Republican Sen. Bob Corker, who is retiring. The Tennessee campaign under several breeds ultimate trump card, the plans to retain control in the Senate, where the Republicans defending a narrow two-seat majority. Trump plans to increase a number of political rallies and events in the coming months, the Republicans brand Democrats as the obstruction is on his agenda.”

Montana Senate race gets boost from foreign cash – AP: “Outside money pouring into Montana U.S. Senate race, even before the Republicans, with a candidate to challenge Democratic sen. Jon Tester, who has become a leading target of the GOP after drawing the wrath of the President, Donald Trump. Four Republicans are jockeying for a last-minute lead in front of the 5. June primary. Their ambitions to topple the two-term incumbent were worn, after the trump — who won Montana by 20 percentage points — and- discharge Tester, for publishing allegations that the President’s choice for head of the Department of Veterans Affairs loosely handed out prescription drugs, and drunk with the service. Under the Tester-would-be Challenger, state auditor Matt Rosendale has to be the favorite of deep-pocketed conservative donors. Outside groups, including two financed by the Illinois billionaire Richard Uihlein have spent $1.8 million pumps Rosendale candidacy. This is almost twice as much as he exalts himself.”

Vulnerable Dems say banking law is the proof for your “independence from Washington’ – The hill: “Three vulnerable Senate Democrats hail from States that President Trump won in the 2016 election are touting their work on a new cross-party banking law, by it as a proof of their independence, in Washington. Democratic Sens. , Heidi Heitkamp (N. D.), Jon Tester (Mont.) and Joe Donnelly (Ind.) co-author of the bipartisan legislation, signed by Trump on Thursday to facilitate the regulatory supervision imposed on banks and credit cooperatives, through the Dodd-Frank Act. The senators say their bill is designed to solve a Prime example of their ability to work across party lines and issues, to bring a message that you are eager to go back to the voters in their home States. … But, if the law is to be seen in the electoral gold. The banking sector continues to be deeply unpopular, and liberal activists attacked the new law as a giveaway to the financial industry.”

Gov. Hogan-releases of the first display in the re-election campaign – WaPo: “Gov. Larry Hogan released the first TV ads for his re-election campaign Monday, part of a $1.3 million advertising blitz before the gubernatorial primary, it will cost a lot more than some of his leading Democratic opponents have in the bank. With four weeks until 26. June primary, Hogan and Lieutenant Gov. Boyd K. Rutherford have 9 million dollars cash on hand and no Republican primary opponent. Your first advertising spot, air on broadcast and cable stations, highlights Hogan’s record on the economy and the environment-issues, including efforts to improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay.”

A thousand years between the candidate’s starting strong – Politically: “[Colin Allred] — the newly minted Democratic candidate for competitive house seat [in Dallas] is part of a swelling of the young Democratic house candidates in the hope to inspire a higher turnout among the members of millennials in the midterm elections… at least 20-thousand-year Democratic candidates running in competitive districts… Currently the average age of a member of the 115th Congress — almost 58 years old, in the house and almost 62 years old, in the Senate, is among the oldest of any Congress in recent history of the… [Elise Stefanik] was first elected at the age of 30 years. No woman has ever in the Congress voted, in their 20s, but two 20-something, the Democrats — Sara Jacobs in southern California, and Abby Fink Auer in Eastern Iowa — they will be a serious contender to be running in the competition of the districts. Illinois’ Lauren Underwood, 31, and Ohio is Aftab Pureval, 35, have already won primaries to take on a sitting GOP incumbent this fall.


Politico: “A group of senators from both parties are beginning to start back-channel conversations across the aisle and with the White house in the hope that the chamber is ready, if the house or the courts throw the issue back to the Senate this summer. But the Senate is not ready, the subject, after a completely unproductive immigration debate in February, followed by months of radio silence. And lawmakers are growing more and more concerned that the upper chamber could be blindsided by a call-to-action this year. The house, meanwhile, has become a stronghold of the immigration debate — and it is the preparation for one or more of the Republican bills in June But even if the GOP is able to solution their intense disagreements and pass something the Senate is very unlikely to accept it, according to interviews with nearly a dozen senators of both parties.”

Report: DHS official says that the children of immigrants are not lost, you can’t be reached’ – CNN: “A top official of the US Department of Health and Human Services on Monday called reports that the Agency has lost nearly 1,500 children of immigrants is wrong and misleading. The children are not lost, HHS Deputy Secretary Eric Hargan , said in a statement. Your sponsors simply have not responded to follow-up calls from the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), the HHS Department that oversees the care of unaccompanied alien or minor children. The Agency was not obliged to the 30-day follow-up calls to ensure that the children and their sponsors does not need any additional benefits, he said. Now, this voluntary action is used to confuse and spread misinformation, he said. … “While there are many possible reasons for this, in many cases, the sponsors can not be achieved, because they themselves are illegal aliens and do not want to be reached, the Federal authorities,’ he continued.”

Nielsen goes against the boss-sanctuary cities – McClatchy: “[Trump] embattled homeland security secretary recently with almost $ 1.7 billion in grants, some of which in relation to immigration, the States and towns across the nation, including the so-called sanctuary cities, according to three people with knowledge of the grants. Kirstjen Nielsen entitled the grants, despite the objections of their top staff… Homeland Security officials said on Tuesday that Nielson was bound by a Federal court order, has the Federal government not to refuse the funding. In spite of that, her top aides have urged you in the day in the run-up to the award of the scholarships not counting the money for sanctuary cities, to the three people, two of whom used to work at the clinic and remain in close contact with the staff. … “It is not known for intentionally ignore the warning, that your decisions are in line with the President agenda, but rather that she is energetic and simply pretends to be what they do.”

Fox News: “President Trump warned on Tuesday that Special Counsel Robert Müller and the ’13 Evil Democrats” on his team, ‘INTERFERENCE’ in the mid-term elections of the pursuit of their Russia-a probe so close to the election. The special counsel reports that it is not expected that low-lying, in the mid-term elections, when the probe is wound has, by this point, in order not to be seen as swaying the voters. But in a Tuesday morning storm, the President argued effectively tweet that the probe is already threatening to interfere in the vote-and the question again, why the team did not investigate ‘completely Crooked Hillary Clinton” and Democrats. … The President referred to the 13-investigators-of the total of 17 members of Miller’s team-who have registered as Democrats. At least nine democratic candidates and causes, have donated. Mueller, though, said, a life-long Republican and served as FBI Director under former Republican President George W. Bush.”

Michael Avenatti create complications in the Cohen probe – WSJ: “A lawyer for former adult-film-star Stephanie Clifford has frustrated the efforts of Federal prosecutors information about a hush-money deal with a President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, according to people familiar with the matter. In public, Michael Avenatti, Mrs Clifford’s current lawyer, has been among the harshest critics of Michael Cohen, the lawyer who paid her $130,000 in October 2016 to sign a confidentiality agreement about an alleged 2006 sexual encounter with Mr. Trump. But behind the scenes, Mr. Avenatti has state slows down lawyers, to discuss the efforts of the confidentiality agreement with Ms. Clifford’s former lawyer, these people say. Mr. Avenatti also required to check documents, investigators subpoenaed from Ms. Clifford’s former manager, they said.”

The BGH allowed Arkansas to enforce anti-abortion-pill-law – Fox News

Trump defies rep Jared Polis for tax cuts repeal bill – The hill

Dems attack trump, the on the increase gas prices , Political

Stephen Miller
‘s “constructive engagement—with the purpose of enlightenment” – The Atlantic

“‘I’-morial Day” – Tweet from user Mike Bender in reaction to a tasteless Memorial Day post of President Trump, who bragged that America’s war dead would be “happy” with trump policy.

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BBC: “A man had to be rescued by the police and the fire brigade after the stuck in a swing in a park to play. The 20-year-old had firmly wedged in the kid-size seat for three hours before the police were called to Landseer Park in Ipswich [England] 07:50 BST. If a “push and pull” method of swing release failed, the fire Department came out with a trusty screwdriver. The swing has been taken apart and was grateful to be freed but embarrassing ‘grown-up, unharmed. A Suffolk police community support officer quickly realized that the man who complains, he was there for three hours – was stuck on. There was no displacement of it as the extent of his back was clearly too far for the child-sized swing. After taking the swing-pieces, and letting go of the man, crews from Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service it is put together again, so it could be sure of someone, of the right size.”

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