Rose McGowan rip Hillary Clinton over the tapes to the ‘predators’ of Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein

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Rose McGowan called on Hillary Clinton last week about a report that the Clinton administration’s journalist to journalist Ronan Farrow is that his investigation into Harvey Weinstein’s alleged history of sexual misconduct was “of concern” to the Clinton camp.

“I know that Hillary Clinton is the people, and for the protection of the Monster,” McGowan said, referring to Weinstein. “I can’t believe I used to support her. I think that the predators are in her way.”

“I can’t believe I used to support her. I think that the predators are in her way.”

Rose McGowan, commenting on Hillary Clinton

For the latter, note that in McGowan’s tweet has also been published on the application of the former President, Bill Clinton, to whom was McGowan referred to be mor clear in a separate Twitter message.


“Hillary Clinton, do you have any concern for your husband in the future. And what do you think of the PV of the victims? No. Don’t think that’s the case,” McGowan wrote.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Farrow writes in his new book, “Catch and Kill” and that Clinton’s publisher, Nick Merrill, and had been in contact with Farrow, who was seeking an interview with bill Clinton, as part of the foreign policy of the book. At the time, Farrow was also working on his multi-award-winning New Yorker magazine is a story about Weinstein.

Merrill said Farrow’s “the big story” he was trying to be a “take care of us,” said The Reporter. Farrow wrote that Weinstein had used his relationship with the Clinton administration as a means of applying pressure to the Farrow, and the outlet reported.

Harvey Weinstein has tried to use his relationship with Hillary Clinton to put pressure on the journalist Ronan Farrow, according to a new report.

McGowan was one of Weinstein’s first critics, and has been an outspoken leader of the #MeToo motion.

She also added that they are “against the abuse of power, whether in the Home, Clinton, HW, @NBC … the list is long. I’m not raging, I’m just really, really, really hate liars and those who protect them.”


Merrill responded to the article on Twitter.

“I really do respect very Well work, but I have no idea what to do, He said, was for people to take care of themselves. The one thing I do know is simple: I had already been denied, a Weinstein Co. the proposed doc about the election, to talk to Ronan. If the PV is giving a false representation of a material fact, it wouldn’t be the 1st time.

Weinstein also reportedly been in contact with NBC, and even Farrow’s dad, Woody Allen, to try to keep the story from going to print.

Weinstein’s trial on the rape charges is scheduled for jan.

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