Rooijakkers on the floor: “it’s Almost as if I am the daughter of my boss ‘datet’

Even though the Art Rooijakkers is not a long time after you have to think about whether he is the successor of the Prince See the Stars and wanted to be present, he realizes that he and the program takes control of the RTL’s new program director. In a conversation with he says it feels like he’s on a date with his boss’s daughter.

Peter van der Vorst presented the ten-year period of the programme, in which he visits the biggest stars in the country and abroad. Earlier this year, he started his new job as the program director for which he is the present supply. Rooijakkers is Rooijakkers on the floor in a follow-up of the show.

“That’s when Peter said he would stop, and he’s in it for me, however, saw a presentation I did about 0,87 seconds to think,” laughs Rooijakkers. “It’s a real privilege to have people out of their passion for their work and be able to interview you.”

Rooijakkers, that’s what it is rather exciting to have this program take over from Van der Vorst. “It is, of course, but my boss, who is now in my hand, take a look. It’s almost as if I were the daughter of my boss is dating me. That is if you want to do the right thing.”

Art Rooijakkers (on the right) and Ronald Koeman, who, in the first episode, was a guest. (Photo: RTL)

“Peter proposed to me inside of two minutes to a direct question

However, the presenter, a high honor that he was to follow in the footsteps of the Monarch is allowed to enter. “He has done so with great success. Of course, I hope that I will be just as successful.”

Rooijakkers called me during the recording with the boss for some advice, and learned much of the delivery of the Van der Vorsts last season, in which he Rooijakkers by for a visit.

Peter knew that he was right on target with his questions, and he did it very well. When he came to me on the floor came in, said he is also in under two minutes with a very direct question. It was as if he already had the mount, was, at the time that he made the entry on the record, and that was really cool. I was very impressed with how well this program did.” In this method, Rooijakkers still have to get used to.

“I have made it before the portraits of the guests with whom I have at least a couple of days have been spent. For this program, you get a lot less time, because all the stars were to be. I want to be and sometimes still is to a lot of the best to have on a particular subject, you don’t always have the time to do so. I found that I used to find it hard.”

‘Sergio, was very different from what I knew him from the tv

At the same time Rooijakkers that are interested in things that are not immediately obvious, can make for great stories. “The guests are let in by my curiosity over just a little bit more loose than they have before had in mind.”

Rooijakkers on the floor, and also includes a new feature, which is a representative survey about the guest, the guest itself is also discussed. “That’s always been confrontational,” says Rooijakkers. “So, was it with Frank Lammers, to show that he still has his supermarktreclames. You can beat that acting is what you want, but that seems to be what you were remembering.”

Surprised the presenter is due to have a conversation with televisiekok The Money. “I have to be honest and say that I am a grumpy, grumpy chef had expected. When I met him, we would have had one then, and I found it very inspiring. He was a very, very different than what I thought I know him from the tv.”

At the top of his list of people who have Rooijakkers’d love to interview Bruce Springsteen. “He is one of my droomgast, but unfortunately, it was miserably failed. He was in London to promote his new album, but, alas, there was no time for us. I have, however, a night and a lot of are fed up.”

Rooijakkers on the floor, from the 23rd of October, every Wednesday at 21: 30 to be seen on RTL-4. In the first episode alone, Ronald Koeman, and the singer, Rick Astley is the central. Also, Rob Jetten, Martine Sandifort, the Band, John Bell, Simon, C, and Raymond van Barneveld this season is over.

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