Ronnie Flex, very happy that he has a good relationship with the mother of his daughter, Nori

Ronnie Flex, is happy to have him, and Wafae Kefi, and the mother of his daughter, Nori, as well, to interact with each other. Even though the two are not a pair, have them in a nice way in order to care for their daughter and to share with you.

“To me, see, I will often find that the other; that is, people do not agree and will fight to get it. That’s how it’s got to be able to go with us. However, I think it’s good that I already have been, and that I have been able to learn,” said the 27-year-old rapper and producer is in talks with

Along with the Kefi, and his daughter, his mother, his grandmother, his backing singers and a good friend of mine, Monica, for It is the release of a photo shoot in LINDA.the girls Winterboek.

That’s Ronnie Flex – in the real world Ronell Plasschaert hot, the dj is know for years, that contributes to a good relationship. “I’ve known her since I was seventeen or eighteen. According to me, even before I had decided, that She can Flex my stage name would be. Therefore, I knew at the time that it turned out to be pregnant right away that it was going to be okay.”

“It’s for me to have a low profile’

Nori is celebrating soon its first birthday and is still the subject of breast-feeding. This makes it difficult to get to her father’s home to go to sleep. Currently, he sees his daughter at least two times during the week when they are in a home, but that he tries as much as possible to the moments in order to see it.

“These two days were really little. Everything for me is on a lower priority, because Nori is the most important thing. I want to be as far as possible from the time of its tender. Sometimes I have to make choices. With some work, it’s easy to combine them. But to go out and so on, and the parties who are to have a hearing, let me really left. I’ve seen her mostly on weekends in my own home, I can do no more during the night, to do something about it. All of my friends in a group chat to talk to: ‘Oh, where are we going tonight?’ I’m just using Nori to chill out.”

“It’s a little bit like I was in my youth, as’

His daughter, the rapper is a bit of a second childhood. “I can always be with the children to hurry up and level up with the kids. So, I think as they get older is to spend time with her, you can play with it and you will never think: well, everybody knows now that a little bit for myself to do it. I don’t do that. I enjoy all the time with her. We will look at the films that I have watched have all of the Disney movies. It’s all up to six years of age and older, however, we have been in The Lion King looked on, and Mulan. Bambi, I have not yet done so, which should I keep or really, until they’re older.”

As you got older, it hopes to be Plasschaert is a very strong bond with his daughter too. “I really want to be in an open relationship with her, and that she will feel that she is everything I have to say. With a mutual respect for each other. I think that’s very, very special, like a daughter, and the father in the sense that they are all with each other and the world. You are, however, often have things to ban just creates a kind of distance between daughter and father. Then you get to this point, and that one just does not pull in, for example, if they are going to adolescence or something like that. I want to be in a band and creating them, if that does happen, then, well, to me, is practically impossible.”

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