Ronaldo after the Football Leaks: ‘I have never lied in the past’

The Portuguese soccer star responded in L’equipe on the allegations of tax evasion to his address.


Cristiano Ronaldo was on Monday awarded his fourth Ballon d’or after an extremely successful year with his club Real Madrid country Portugal. But the Portuguese came in the last weeks also in the news with stories about tax evasion. “That has me very disturbed’, was the winner Tuesday in L’equipe again.

“That throws a bit of a shadow at this price,” says Ronaldo. “I’m not hypocritical about doing it. All the aantuigingen to my address, have me no virtue done. It bothers me especially because I am always honest and have never lied in the past. There are untruths told. But I am just that everyone about me talking, I have to learn to live with it.’

“When you speak about my private life, my friends, my vacations, and I or a friend have or not, that I’m already all just’, he continued Ronaldo. “But it went about it. This was more serious. There are many innocent people in prison and at this moment I feel a bit like them. You know that nothing you’ve done wrong, but still it is proclaimed. That is no pleasant. But ever will the full truth come out. Early or late!’

Cristiano Ronaldo became the beginning of december is embroiled in the so-called Football Leaks, the klokkenluidersplatform that the contracts of several top footballers brought out. Ronaldo is suspected to be around 150 million euros versluisd to have to tax heavens.

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