Ronald de Boer caught spijbelende daughter

Ronald de Boer caught spijbelende daughter

Ronald de Boer (47) has ensured that his daughter Demi (24) stopped with truancy. The ex-footballer interrupted her once when she got to the shopping centre wanted to instead of going to school.

“When I was in Qatar, played soccer, I had by that she skipped”, De Boer said in an interview in the AD.

“She went with a friend to the mall instead of going to school. I knew a taxi would be ordered to go shopping. Instead of a taxi driver came, I suddenly pick her up, noise. I said: ‘Immediately boarding!’ I have never been so angry.”

Daughter Demi was shocked to say huge. “I’ve never done.”


According to Demi knows her father when he the reins needs to attract.

“When I was still living at home, he could very easy. I was allowed my own way. He inquired, not much to my school and how I did there. But I knew what he wanted me to do: that I would do better and would succeed. And he was strict at times when it was needed. He gave clear the border.”


The Farmer and his family had to go through transfers to other football clubs often move. The children could therefore not long adhere to their friends. That has Demi her father, however, never criticised.

“Of course I found it sad, and sad when I had to leave. And I miss the life in Qatar still. But this is how this world of expats; everyone comes and goes. Now, I am grateful and proud that I have so many different countries and cultures have come to know. I am less ignorant than people who are only in the Netherlands are grown up.”

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