Romy In envy of the work of her husband, Kate is not

Romy a small-scale hotel does not have a problem with is that they are less well-known than her husband, Arie Boomsma. In addition, public performances are not as well off, ” she said in an interview with LINDA.of [ … ]

“What’s he doing on tv, or in front of a room, of which I have three months of abdominal pain and have. In public, people will often put on him, and they stare smoezen. I have less of a sentence than he did. To the zoo at the weekend and we can’t do any more. To a lot of people who are ‘So Kate’ menu. I think that is sometimes intense, especially if you’re in a deep conversation.”

The 28-year-old In mother of Bobby (3), Moses (1), and has chosen to take her career to the world, for the first time.

“I think it’s great that I can stay home with the kids and Kate and I had a lot to see. On Thursday, he made up for it and plan for it in order to take a nothing-to-do. Slowly, I am beginning to go back to what werkdingen to address, such as a line of jewelry by Anna + Nina, shooting, and writing for a while.”

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