Romanian minister of Justice announces new law against corruption

Romanian minister of Justice announces new law against corruption

The Romanian minister of Justice, Florin Iordache has Monday morning, a new anticorruptiewet announced. There was among the Romanian population, great resistance to an earlier proposal for a new anticorruptiewet.

The promise for a new law comes a day after the government in Bucharest the previous version of the law was repealed after large-scale demonstrations throughout the country. Iordache promised later in the day with more details to come.

In the scheme would be abuse of office only punishable if the fraudulent amount is higher than converted to 50,000 euros. That would include the chairman of the party of Grindeanu, Liviu Dragnea, to stand out well. He is suspected for around 22,000 euros to have darkened.

Dragnea is seen by many Romanians as the ‘power behind the throne’. Because of its legal complications, he was not a candidate as prime minister, after which Sorin Grindeanu pushed.


Premier Romania falls for protesting population


Prime Minister Grindeanu had previously argued that the prisons are overcrowded and that he is with this arrangement of a lot of inmates would be. Except with an angry home, got the premier also with a lot of international criticism. In particular, the European Union opposed the original bill.

In the meantime, the minister of Justice, Iordache, the bitten dog, within the cabinet. According to prime minister Grindeanu has the population, the purpose of the decree is not understood due to the poor communication by the attorney general john.

Protest in Bucharest against strafverlaging

About thirty thousand Romanians Sunday evening in Bucharest on the street again to protest against plans of the government to gevangeniswetten to adapt.

In Cluj-Napoca were six thousand people gathered together. Also in other cities, it was protested.

The government wants a pardon granted to prisoners who have a sentence of less than five years in prison.

Also, the government wants penalties to be reduced or deleted, among others, for abuse of power.

Many people criticize the plans because they are corrupt politicians would favor. “No amnesty, we want you in the cell”, was chanted.

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