Romanian Justice minister resigns after uproar over controversial decree

Romanian Justice minister resigns after uproar over controversial decree

Photo: AFP

The Romanian minister of Justice, Florin Iordache, Thursday announced to step down. He was inside the cabinet under fire because the Romanian population a controversial decree would have understood by his poor communication.

Sunday drew the Romanian government’s controversial decree.

y leader Liviu Dragnea declared on Sunday that the prime minister Sorin Grindeanu but with Iordache was going to talk about are “continue or not”.

Dragnea is, in turn, by many Romanians as the ‘power behind the throne’. He would, according to many, the most advantage of the controversial descreet. In the scheme would be abuse of office only punishable if the fraudulent amount is higher than converted to 50,000 euros. Dragnea is suspected for around 22,000 euros to have darkened.

Because of its legal complications, he was not a candidate as prime minister, after which Grindeanu pushed.


There are already some time massive protests in the Romanian capital Bucharest. The protesters demanded on Sunday the resignation of the government of prime minister Grindeanu.

Alone in the capital, Bucharest thronged around 220 000 people gathered on the central square, Piata Victoriei with the government building. On the facade of the building with laser beams slogans depicted as “resignation”.

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