Roman Emperors would be with a new cabaret show to apologize to girlfriend

The new show is Roman Emperor’s four-times-per-week, on-the-stage. He called his presentation an apology to his friend, the comedian is to say, less often than the theatre-going public.

At his second show, called I’m Sorry, baby. According to the 33-year-old, that’s a way to get him to be able to provide, and, in particular, have been fantastic. “To all the women, and the relationships I’ve had, I was at the end of the road, in the same way is boring to behave,” he said in a call with “Therefore, in this work, can I use just about everything I’m doing wrong, again, to straighten.”

According to the Emperor, he has his partners use it as a sort of outlet for all his frustrations. I used them as a source of inspiration, but mainly as a sort of test audience. However, the main reason is that I’m sorry to say, is that I have four days a week in the theater to me. I will give my public a lot more attention than my girlfriend.”

Emperor’s will to his own words, ” is difficult to make a sincere apology to make. “My filler is, I’m sorry, I can cry the whole day. So if people feel like going to get it, that is what I truly believe is the next step. I hope I can play this play free, ben, the word sorry in my life.”

Abuse, was its own responsibility”

The emperors last performance Really was a “senseless tragedy” and concluded with a scene in which he and the public are asked to be on the stage, and then so-called dead drop. He has to leave the room until the visitors are gone. In a meeting with the NRC, told the comedian that the audience can sometimes be as far as it went, that the key was cut.

“I’ve been in the theaters, my audience won’t resent it, it is my responsibility, and I have also never made any complaints about it filed”, meaning Emperor right now. “Of all the people in the audience, there were maybe three that I thought to myself:” who did something evil. Generally speaking, I have even more love for my audience to us.”

Also I’m Sorry, baby, there will be a surprising element is that the confusion it will cause in the audience. “It’s something completely different, and I’m pretty sure that members of the public in the same way, confused you will be. It’s a lot more, and doing the experiments from the previous show to pale in comparison.”

56Bekijk here is the trailer for the Roman Emperor’s-new-show-Sorry, Baby

‘Like the popular comedian will be”

His latest piece is a part of the Emperors’ goal is to be heard on the lighter side enjoy stand-up comedy. “It has been a process of years, but I would like people, he just so happy to be in the hall of lead, as done by André van Duin,” says Imperial.

“I am the way I am, but I would like to be one of the popular that would be. I’m not as funny as Andre, but I will try to make my own work of the same kind of sympathy in it.” That is, according to the Emperor’s “hard work”.

“I want people to feel confident in myself to feel. I’m trying to do in this show, also because I had so much blootgeef, I want to be and they gradually become confident. After two years of people bullying, and I think it’s nice to have a different emotion to stir up. I would like to see how I’m a really funny person you can be. I’ve never given it any thought that this was an option for me. In the male, Brigitte Kaandorp, I don’t want to be, but I’m trying to set the bar so high that it will be a hard battle is going to be.”

I’m Sorry, the baby is going to be on the 18th of January, in premiere, in the Diligentia in The Hague, the netherlands.

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