Roll up online black market Hansa creates fear in drug traffickers

Roll up online black market Hansa creates fear in drug traffickers

A part of the drug traffickers out of fear their name changed after the great politieactie that the online black market Hansa was rolled up. They are switched to the alternative online commerce site Dream Market.

According to research by TNO, that is in the hands of the NRC.

Also the PGP key with which the communication between a dealer and the customer is encrypted by the sellers changed.

It is according to the researchers, revealing that a part of the dealers of name is changed. There would be panic. “Vendors change their PGP key or verkoopnaam not if they don’t think that it really should be,” says TNO.

In total, twenty percent of the overgestapte drug dealers, a new name for his online store have chosen. In addition, 14 percent of the dealers using only his or her PGP key changed.

About one hundred of the overgestapte dealers have the names of their online stores reserve, said the researchers. Only twelve vendors chose to name their online sales channel and the PGP-key is not equal to love.


The Dutch police was this summer for a month, the operator of the online drug market Hansa. This store is located deep on the internet hidden in the so-called dark web, anonymous to use part of the internet.

By the management of the site to take over of the arrested administrators, police were able to information about buyers and sellers get hold of. There would be tens of thousands of addresses of Hansa-customers are transferred to Europol.

Meanwhile, there are four Dutch citizens arrested on the basis of information of the Hansa-action. Three of these are boys of 17 years old, which drugs through the online market selling.


According to the research, the so-called waterbed-effect after Hansa was concluded. Customers and merchants stepped on to a new online drug market, in this case, usually Dream Market. The number of notifications on this site increased, from an average of twenty users per day to a new average of sixty per day. On some days there were 180 notifications.

The police said that the Hansa-action was intended to be such a overstapgedrag, by making it clear that there is a risk on online drug trafficking via the dark web.

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