Roel Reiné is looking for extras with horse for new movie Redbad

Roel Reiné is looking for extras with horse for new movie Redbad

Director Roel Reiné is looking for men who can go horseback riding. For his new historical epic Redbad, the filmmaker at least a hundred extras are needed who have a horse that during action scenes-dare to ride.

This turns out trickier than expected, set the producer Klaas de Jong. “In the discussion about the distinction between men and women that should disappear, take horse riding a very special role in it,” he said. “We have a few hundred notifications had paardenmeisjes. But we have for the movie but little; in the time of Redbad, there were hardly women who were on horseback in the battle of heaven.”

The professional stuntteams that during the great battles of the really dangerous things are regulated. “But we really at least a hundred men to figuration is needed,” explains De Jong. He and his director search fifty darker Friesian horses, and fifty KWPN stallions with rider. “The are no dangerous stunts for the extras. But it must be men who are not afraid out. It was at that time on the battlefield hard.”


Men who think that they can qualify for the figuration, can register via the website of the film. The pictures found in the autumn place in the province of Friesland and the city of Eindhoven. Riders should have a few days available, stresses The Young.

The enthusiasm for figuration in the film is large: more than five thousand people have already signed up (without a horse). Redbad tells about the Frisian hero who in the early middle Ages with the help of the Vikings struggle waged against the Franks the important trading Dorestad. It is not yet known who the main characters are going to play.


A large part of the film is rotated in the prehistoric Village in Eindhoven. Director Roel Reiné, who is currently in Hollywood the last touches to the Marvel series Inhumans, was born in Eindhoven, the netherlands. Reiné and executive producer Klaas de Jong made earlier, together the epic Michiel de Ruyter, in the Dutch cinemas almost 1 million visitors.

Redbad need next year in premiere.

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