Roddeloverzicht will be VIDEO riot, and what was going on with the family in the Cockpit?

The men of the VI’s are a part of a while, But leak does not seem to be close to the family, in the Cockpit, but the topic of conversation. For a list of in the entertainment business this past week.

“Three fuckin’ annoying, ugly, leeghoofden, assholes just work”. “Not as stupid animals. If the cunts”. After reading these statements, it is for sure: it’s been a fun week in the media world will never forget.

Ladies ‘ Night and then went back with Carol Westrik, and the permanent friends of the show in the first episode, there was a lot of discussion about a tough topic: the sayings of the lord, to be a Football Insider. What is the point!, created by René van der Jibe once upon a time”, the converted brother of her fiancé, Guus Meeuwis, it was called, was sitting on the couch, and told me how bad it is for her to be hurt had been.

“I was really sick of it. I had that picture of the two of them had high heels on and I’m really struggling with it had been back-heeled to do,” said Almond. Olcay found it to be horrible, because the men are not half as hard to be dealt with because of how they look as women do. I also have extremely painful to think that men always have the women judge the way they look, but we’ve never been about what a man looks like. I think that is so funny. I think that being a woman is much more of an image must satisfy a guy.”

Then called the name of the presenter, and the three men “were fucking annoying, ugly, leeghoofden, fucks, just, where they will later be her old self again, also not want to have to offer. Olcay and Merel Westrik thought it would be a good idea to have VI and it’s Ladies Night at each other to talk to. Amanda: “We have such a good light, you will see that you are ten years younger. You could be next week, Wednesday?”

Where is Wilfred Genee is still excited, it seemed, to see that Johan Derksen is a visit not to sit in a chair: and he reported to the women grappend “are not like assholes. If the cunts”. “It is not watching the dog into their program. I think that women are not at all gloomy, but why should they be? They can say what they want, and so do we.”

Each and every time a drop of

Keep a secret show in the year 2020 will be a very complicated task, there will always be someone that will have the greatest difficulty in his or her mouth, and that is how, eventually, all of what is going on, for you have had people to tell me.

The teams, which are responsible for the organisation of the Eurovision song Contest, to be able to find out about have a say: by the four great moments, and there were three rough, torn down due to a leak.

The staff of the organisation, Maastricht, were their mouth is, as it was clear that they with the But did, but in Rotterdam, the netherlands. Well before we officially knew that Jeangu Macrooy the Netherlands would go on to represent his name has already been called in after a radio dj said that the artist’s name with a ‘Y’ if we had to. And this week, it was announced, even with the announcement of the number of the sacred: at the Apple’s Music appeared to Grow right before Jeangu in The World and is able to pull.

What is still missing? The organisation is not only the team behind the artist, it is a different team, then back to the party so much in both places, there was a leak sitting down.

Jeangu expected, but at the same time, it is actually quite relieved to hear he had to Grow for months to hold on to it and was now sharing with everyone.

158VideoJeangu: “I hope that the people in this issue recognize

It Is always something to worry about?

It seems, however, even if we don’t have a week to come through without having to read about his life in the Cockpit. If it’s not the André Hazes and his relationship with Monique Westenberg and Chart Position goes, it’s about the relationships inside the family on Thursday.

For many years, had been to Rachel in the Cockpit is not in contact with her son. Roxeanne has remained loyal to her mother, while her brother was in love, and so caught the attention of the once close-knit family in each other. A few years ago, and decided that Mona, in spite of all the rumours that her mother-in-law don’t like her, it would have been a hand to reach out and distribute at Christmas time to bring her grandson to finally meet face to face.

After only a small bump in the reunion, father and son have since reunited, and it seems the band are back stronger than ever, Rachel is sitting at the back of the scenes at concerts, and her son, Andre and his mother are together again, and when he went out with Russell, Rachel was there as a support and companion for her son.

As to the relationship of andrew and Bridget are on the verge of falling apart, as was feared in the relationship of Rachel and andrew’s end of the story, it would have been. This week, we were, however, received the answer: the mother and son are still going well with each other, by the door, and stood, beaming at the birthday party of the fifty-year-old Rachel.

Roxeanne is missing, however, and the family is in the Cockpit would be the family’s in the Cockpit, not that it’s not widely reported in the media. As it is, there is now an argument between a mother and her daughter?

Both of them have already been spoken to and told that there is not much going on there, but if it were up to the showrubrieken, there is really more to it than that. The night I chose an interview a few days earlier, is yet to be broadcast, which, Roxeanne said to a question about her mother, not wanting to answer because they are now in the promotion of the Holland sings Hazes to it.

Strangely, however, they found that, in the Promenade, you can, however, be able to say something about your mother? That people don’t want to have to get on with their life, to talk to was apparently not the expert on this.

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