Roddeloverzicht Were in French, the ‘homophobic’, and Yolanthe is showing emotions

Lange Frans, being homophobic is called, Mikky Kiemeney don’t want to default to football wife, and Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau has a soft feel to it. A summary of entertainment news from this week.

On Instagram, Facebook, and other social media, you will thrown to death with baby photos, holiday snaps, and verlovingsaankondigingen. There is really only one rule to follow: if you enjoy it, then share it. If it’s negative, I’d rather not.

However, not everyone is at with this next rule. Lange Frans, revealed this week that it will be different you can on Instagram, but you want to be able to count on a large amount of anger from your followers.

The “Mood” wrote the rapper in a picture of a Trojan horse on Instagram. The Trojan horse has been described as the LHBTIQ community, and the contents of the stomach, as the normalization of pedophilia. That seemed to be French is to say that the LHBTIQ community of equals, it’s ok with pedophilia, and there were a lot of angry comments.

“Just say that you’re a homophobe fabrication and over by the treasury”, “they are Trying to a consequence is really have to normalize it? Do you have sources for me?” and “You’ve got kids, right? If you go, they tell you if they are ever coming out of the closet?”, were some of the reactions to the now-deleted picture.

In his Story, explained to in French as, later on, that he is not homophobic, but it is pedofoob. It pointed to the release of a pedophile who, during the Pride Walk leaflets gave them, but the fact is when the man in question and his fliers had to return and take part in the Grand Parade of flyers should not be handed out to the organisation of the event.

Also, he has refrained from the comment in the Story, not talking about the parts of the image. His fans, however, among the older posts, from Long-the French are angry comments about how to recover deleted pictures. And as it turns out, once again, that you are online and can delete it, but it’s never really been the way it is.


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Your very own beans, bottle caps

Women football is known as a glamourdames, which is especially trying to the money from her husband as quickly as possible, through your browser. A day without shopping is a day wasted, a finger is stretched out, it is one of the a lot of, and each and every week to go to the barber shop is not a luxury. And is the money go? We just had a new athlete!

Mikkey Kiemeney, I think Frenkie de Jong is completely different. She plans to have her own money, her own clothing line and, most importantly, on the couch to sit. “I will be in Barcelona, not on a daily basis to the series on Netflix to watch, and you have to make the turn on a board of appen, or you’ll already have at home. Not at all.”

Mikkey think, moreover, are not the only one that is given to the ‘football wife’, but of people in general. “You have to have, there are always a few who you think will go with your lazy ass off the couch. But it is, however, not only for the women who are in a relationship with a football player? The reality is that in a few years, all of the character of your football career, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for your own things to be busy.”

And the ambitions, and Mikkey are not huge, although it wants to focus on her own clothing line, it’s not that they’re “very large” would be. The most important thing is that they have to make sense. “And I’m telling you honestly: I just want to have my own money in my account. That’s the way I grew up. The goal is to make a success out of it. And besides, I can put my passion into it.”

Frenkie’s all wonderful. In fact, this is exactly what is so appealing to her to find it. “It’s great that she has her own brand and her own money?”

And then there was also Yolanthe’s all too much

Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau has a big year. At the beginning of this year, they were, and in His well-known one from the other, but not to separate them, and suggested to the player that he was during their marriage, several times, that would have been cheating on you.

Since that time, Yolanthe, little has been said about the whole situation, she is, anyway, quite aloof from the decisions about her own life. In the interviews, talking about her work, and her child, and the programs, there is no evidence of the violent mind that is still, by Yolanthe’s head to shoot up.

Observant viewers of the Temptation Island of VIPS and saw, there in the last few weeks is no longer the case: where is Yolanthe’s Belgian colleague Annelien Coorevits in a short distance of the ship, he left Yolanthe several times to show that it is the tears of the women who go there really is something to do.

This week, it came to a head: Yolanthe decided to stand up for her presentation, and just to the poor, to the participant Channah to go to the store. The realityster told me this week that participating in the program, she was pregnant and three days before the flight, achterkwam. A clearly excited Yolanthe was going on with her head, not in a couple with a child is on the way to join in the relatietest’.

“Girl, how do you get it to do it? How are you supposed to compete with this?”, thus, the presenter was stunned. “Anyway, also here, and also in front of him. That he has not said, ” You’re pregnant, you’re my woman, you will bear my child.” We’re going to do this, because you can’t do it.” This program is not for pregnant women.”

That is, the recording of the program is about the same fell to it with all the relatieperikelen for the show itself, it will undoubtedly help in the provision of support to Channah, Pommeline, sleeping beauty, and Why. With social media, everyone is, in any case, very excited: they are in favor of Yolanthe on the spot for Annelien with the “regular” version of the program.

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